Admin interface uploaded pics to our blog, but they are not there. Broken images

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    I was creating a new blog entry on our server, where we self host WordPress. We have the latest verison of WordPress.

    I was in the dashboard and inserted 3 SMALL file sized images about 80 KB each. I used the upload feature of the Dashboard, and it showed the % complete bar got o 100%, so I know it confirms uploading the photos.

    But they don’t show up in my blog, just broken image links. I tried it using both Explorer 9 and Firefox 10.0.2, and the same thing each time, the Dashboard says it uploaded the pics but they are not there.

    When we check in the dashboard under MEDIA > LIBRARY we can see the 3 photos and details listed there, but the thumbnails ar enot showing up.

    I have read these forums and it 50% of the time people solve this by changing their permissions on the upload directory to 7-5-5. Ours was already set tot hat, so were fine on permissions.

    The other 50% of the time, people solve this in the dashboard by going to SETTINGS > MEDIA and in the “Uploading Files” section there is a field that says “Store uploads in this folder”. We made sure the field already says this: wp-content/uploads with no quotes, no leading slashes or anything else. I know other people reported problems by having a leading slash.

    As far as we are concerned, it should be all systems go, but yet it does not work.

    So,,, we looked opn our server using FTP, and saw the images were not in the wp-content/uploads directory! We then FTP’ed the 3 images directly to the wp-content/uploads directory on our server, and that got the images to show up in our blog! Now the thumnails are showing up in the MEDIA > LIBRARY of the Dashboard.

    My question is, why is WordPress showing the images upload with the progress completion bar, but then not putting the files there? This is very perplexing.



    You’re in wrong place. In fact you’re not hosted here on Go to and ask your question there. We don’t have any access to FTP here on See this to know the difference between and



    Thanks for the heads up!



    You’re welcome.

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