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    This may not be the correct forum to expound my problem but I hope someone can point me to a proper place.

    I established a website after the blogger and his webmaster passed away. I did this as a public service because I did not want to see this writer’s content lost to the world. Eventually, I turned the domain and website over to the blogger’s family but I still Admin the site – updates, tweaks, the occasional addition. Being 80 and probably mortal, I would like to find someone who can back me up and/or take over if/when I can no longer administer the website. (The owner/family is not technical).

    When I posted about this in a WordPress dot Org forum, the topic was deleted – with a complete lack of understanding about what I was asking and a rather nasty comment to boot.

    I did not and do not expect someone here (or at wp dot org) to step forward but I hope that someone might give me an idea about what site/group to approach in this matter.

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is


    Is the site the one listed above and presumably hosted elsewhere using the software with a custom domain that needs renewing annually?
    Surely it would be feasible to transfer the content to a free site. Without a troublesome domain to renew the site could then remain undisturbed (but hopefully still regularly visited) on the Interweb forever or until the Martians invade, whichever comes first. (That is my plan with my site).



    Hi there,

    I would also recommend transferring the content to a site – that way at least you’ll know the content will continue to live on even if the domain is eventually allowed to expire, as we will host the content on a free address that will never expire (at least, as far as the word “never” can be applied to an ever-changing place like the internet).

    You can find a guide on how to do that here:

    Asking someone to take over a site is a pretty big ask, though. You did it as a labour of love as you’re a fan of the original blogger, but it’s unlikely anyone who is not also a fan will be willing to do that.

    Are there any regular commenters/readers on the site? Perhaps reach out to them, or publish a post asking if any existing readers would like to take over this responsibility. But failing that the best thing to do would be to just ensure the content remains safe somewhere where it won’t be deleted because someone forgot to renew a hosting plan and where someone doesn’t manually need to keep maintaining the software that makes the site go.

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