Admin Toolbar Deficiences

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    Hello. I’ve been patiently waiting for WordPress to once again actually use the blank space of the admin toolbar, or allow us to use it by making it customizable.

    I mean seriously. If you guys aren’t going to use it, LET ME PUT THINGS IN IT. Useful things I use constantly, like an “Edit” button. Like a “New Post” “Comments” and maybe even a “New Page” button.

    Drop-down menus obviously make a lot of sense when space is at a premium. But when there is a huge, empty bar available and you are making me needlessly hover and click, well. You are just using up my motions and my time for nothing.

    Please, please, let me have that space to save myself many clicks and hovers each day. Which would add up to a lot over a day, week, year.

    The blog I need help with is

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