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    I am the admin on my blog (or at least I think so). I am judging this from the fact that i have “/wp-admin” rights.
    I would like to edit the appearance and add several more posts (as it’s been inactive for a while). Yet, in my dashboard admin bar there are no “Appearance” or “User” options. In fact, when I roll over my blog, I am only given the “leave this blog” option. I have spent days in the forums and support section with no solution. Does anyone know how to fix this?

    My blog is

    The blog I need help with is



    You’re only set as an Author on the blog you listed. The other user is the Administrator.


    Thanks, macmanx.

    I am taking over the blog for the original creator admin. Thus, he gave me his original UN and PW. I think I changed the email address from his to mine without creating a new user name. I think I did this a while back in the gravatar section of the blog. Could this be the problem? Is there anyway to contact the admin or find out which email address is associated with the admin? Any/all advice would be greatly appreciated…



    Log in with the original UN and PW and go to the Users page in the blog dashboard. You will see each account username, email and role listed there. Note that each account must have a unique email address and that when you change the email address on the Users → Personal Settings page, you must also complete an email confirmation step.


    Thanks for responding….but that’s just the problem. There is no “Users” page. I think I am the admin esp since it says “/wp-admin”. However, admin options such as Users and Appearance, etc. do not show up in my Dashboard. I log in with the original UN and PW given to me by my manager (the one who started the blog about a year ago) but I seem to have minimal control. Even in the “my blogs” section, when I roll over the blog….the only option I have is to leave the blog. (Which makes me think that I am not the admin). Can support help me with this? Tell me who the admin is or what the email address is?

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