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    Apologies in advance for being such a newb (1 week with CSS). I noticed a little while ago that the administrator bar on my blog has disappeared. The bar was there last night and I did not make any changes to the CSS. After noticing the bar was gone, I looked at the code and found a reference to a header image that I’ve not used in many months. Removing it did not fix the problem. (I’m using Firefox. The admin bar appears normally in IE. Clearing the Firefox cache didn’t help.) I’m at a loss as to what else to try.

    The blog I need help with is


    Try logging out, clearing your browser cookies, restarting the browser and then take another look.

    If that doesn’t work, did you possibly remove the CSS for the admin bar? It would be the selector called #wpcombar .


    If you use CCleaner make sure you do not have WordPress cookies in “cookies to keep”. After that you could do this:

    A not recommendable way of cleaning is: Start -> Run -> write -> shell:cookies -> select all -> hit delete. When the popup asks you if you also want to delete this or that say NO.

    Do the same again. This time write “shell:cache”.

    Not recommendable as I said. I do it all the time never the less…


    Forget it. The instructions above was for IE in XP…


    And I think you have to setup your system to show Hidden and System-files if you want it to work…



    @thesacredpath — thanks. The cookie-clearing seemed to do it. And universalgeni, thanks for trying to help. I always appreciate how helpful everyone is in these forums. :)


    You’re welcome. Many times issues with the admin bar or with funky operations in the dashboard can be cleared up by clearing browser cache and cookies.

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