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Administrator is deceased. How do we change to another member?

  1. Who is the administrator of We believe it was a Bruce Cogswell who is now deceased. How do we change to a new administrator?

    The url of the blog is wrong; that is my personal WordPress blog. Your program won't let me change it to

    Please advise me via [email redacted]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you asking to take over ? I don't understand what connection that site has to the blog linked to your username or the link at the end of your initial post here.

  3. I am the administrator of my own blog; that has nothing to do with my questions. I am a member of the Cogswell Family Association who has a blog with WordPress at We do not know who the administrator of that blog is? We think it is a Bruce Cogswell who died recently. My two questions are: (1) how does one find out from WordPress who the administrator of a blog is? and (2) how do you change to another administrator is the previous one is deceased?

    Can you help with these questions?

  4. I'm a volunteer, but have been helping in these forums for a long while. is very careful about privacy so it is unlikely that they will provide such information to you. My advice is to leave a comment on the Cogswell family site to see if someone else has taken over the administration of that site and is willing to communicate with you.

  5. Thanks for that idea. However, I am the Cogswell family member that has been designated to find out this information. No one else knows more about this site than I do.

    Another question. How does one contact the Word Press Support Staff directly? Either by phone or by email?

  6. There is a staff email, support at wordpress dot com, but I've flagged this thread for staff attention already, and it will be faster for you to simply wait till they get to it perhaps Monday. I'm sure they have a procedure for this, as it is not a rare situation.

  7. Thank you for this information. I will see if I get a response today.

  8. I'd be very curious to know if staff will be willing to help.

  9. I've seen them do it before, but they required documentation of executorship.

  10. Thanks so much. I will begin to get that via our officers.

  11. Hi there,

    I'm very sorry about your loss.

    To gain access to the site, we will need a family member to contact us so that we can get proper documentation to turn over the site, which includes a death certificate and proof of power of attorney.

    For more information on the information we need, please contact us via the account recovery form,

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