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    I am the only contributor, the creator, and the administrator for my blog, I’ve had the blog for almost a year, and I’ve been posting regularly the whole time with no problems. For a long time, I used the “publicize” feature to publish my blog posts on both Twitter and Facebook. A few weeks ago, I changed my Facebook settings and accidentally removed WordPress from my applications. The last time I posted a blog entry, I realized my mistake (when nothing showed up on my Facebook page), and I added Facebook to the “publicize” feature again, going through the steps to allow WordPress to have access to my Facebook account.

    Today, I wrote a post and noticed before I published it that in the “publicize” box at the right of the “new post” screen there was a hyperlink that read “Authorize Connection with Facebook.” I clicked the link and a new window popped up asking if it was okay to navigate away from the current page. I hadn’t saved a draft of the post, so I clicked cancel and saved a draft. Then I clicked the “authorize” link again, and this time I was taken to a new screen (with no warning popup first) that said I wasn’t authorized to do what I was trying to do so I should get my administrator to invite me. But I am the administrator! So then I decided to publish the post anyway (without the Facebook connection), and when I clicked on “Publish” the same thing happened, which is when I came here to write this.

    Just now I checked the post, however, and it’s been published (although not on my Facebook account).

    Any idea what’s going on and/or how I can fix it?


    The blog I need help with is



    You might have to clear your Facebook cache. Try this it has helped a few people.

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