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    When admin is pressed on the front page, anyone can look at stats and private communications among other things…how do I make it unavailable?



    If your referring to the site admin link in your side bar
    No need to worry No one can see your admin panel because
    there redirected to the sign up page.
    (Were they can create there own blog)


    Not if they are not set up with privileges on your blog (author, editor, contributor or admin) they can’t. The “site admin” link is only there for you when you are logged in. If you are logged out and refresh the main page you will see that link disappear from the sidebar. People have to be logged in to your blog to be able to see that information. If you don’t have others set up as author, editor, contributor or admin they cannot.



    If you want to get ride of the widget go to Design → Widget → Meta
    Click edit to open the Meta, widget then click remove then click save changes.

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