Adobe Flash player 10.2 Crashing on Mac on Photo Uploads

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    I am trying to upload photos to my blog using the wordpress media flash uploader and it starts to upload the first picture and then crashes my Safari browser. The Safari crash message specifically mentions the crash was caused by the Adobe Flash Player 10.2. This started just a few days ago once I installed the latest Adobe 10.2 Flash player for mac on my iMac running OS X 10.5.x with all the latest patches and updates.

    Any help would be appreciated. For now I have reverted back to the older 10.1 Flash Player.


    The blog I need help with is


    I’m on Mac and using the latest flash with Safari and not having any issues, so give the following two things a try.

    1. Log out of wordpress, clear your Safari cache and cookies, restart Safari and then try again.

    2. Reinstall the latest flash player, restart the browser and then try again.



    Thanks for the reply. I tried what you suggested before I posted the error report without any luck.

    Are you using Mac OS X 10.5 like I am or 10.6?



    10.6.6 with Safari 5.0.3 all latest and fully up to date.

    Have you by chance tried a different browser such as Firefox?

    Also, have you tried going to the main library folder and into the “internet plugins” folder and deleting flashplayer.xpt and flash player.plugin and then installing the flash player again? It could be the installer is not overwriting the flash player files and is just trying to do some sort of “update” sort of thing.


    Also, there is the choice of using the “browser” uploader (link in the line of text in the “add an image” window? Have you tried the browser uploader?



    Thanks for your assistance in this matter thesacredpath and I really do appreciate the advice and help.

    But as it stands I was mainly just reporting a bug which exists when using Mac OS X 10.5.8 and Safari 5.03 with the latest version of Adobe Flash Player 10.2 while trying to use the flash file uploader. I have verified that this occurs on 3 of my mac’s with similar specs now so it isn’t a one time thing.

    I do know all of the workarounds to get it to work but I just wanted to make people aware that this was an issue with this setup.

    For me I just reverted back to the Adobe Flash Player 10.1 and the problem went away. I have also notified Apple of the bug and I am sure they will pass the info along to Adobe.

    If not perhaps the tech support at Automattic/Wordpress will. I would have emailed them directly but it seems they are ‘Out’ on a retreat at the moment.


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