adobe typekit is being flagged by ghostery as a problem program

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    Getting lost of complaints this week that Adobe Typekit used on my site for custom appearance is being flagged by ghostery as a problem program. I have no way to solve this, you may.

    The blog I need help with is


    Some additional info.

    This was probably due to some automatic upgrade, I’ve provided a workaround for people that have the problem, but I hope you’ll send the issue up the food chain to get it fixed at the Adbobe or Ghostery level as thousands of WordPress sites are affected.




    Hey there, Anthony!

    First of all, thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. This is good information for me to have.

    Unfortunately, since the error is caused by Ghostery’s update to their extension, there isn’t must I can do about it on our end. I will certainly pass the word along to the rest of the staff, though.

    It sounds as if the article you linked has mentioned that Typekit offers a viable and easy solution:

    here is the simple solution to the problem:


    Ghostery browser extension is blocking Typekit


    Go to Options > Blocking Options > Trackers > Widgets and uncheck “Typekit by Adobe”.


    I wish I could do more. I will let you know if I find another solution. In the meantime, I highly suggest getting in touch with Ghostery and ask if they can amend their extension to remove the conflict with Typekit.

    Thanks again for the information! Best to you.

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