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    I noticed that for some wordpress blogs, wordpress runs ads on them to generate revenue. When not do this for all blogs through a service called AdPress? I just came up with this name because it deals with advertising and is related to WordPress.

    How AdPress works:

    AdPress is only available to for site domains that have been purchased from WordPress. In other words, only WordPress hosted domains qualify for this advertising service.


    The problem with (Google blogging service) is that there tends to be a lot of inactive blogs mainly due to users not staying active. When they don’t pay money for the domain, they don’t care nearly as much compared to if they actually spent money on the blog. By having a free blog and implementing with AdChoices (aka AdSense), we end up with poor content and inactive content taking up space. By making AdPress only available for paid domains, we are dealing with people that actually pay.

    Revenue Sharing:

    AdPress will make money selling advertising to advertisers. Then the ads placed (text or banner) will be placed on various blogs targeting the keywords used in posts. For example: If an advertiser is selling hosting service, then their ad will be placed with blogs that specialize in categories such as technology or internet. Now, this can be further specialized with keywords (tags) bloggers use with their post.

    Revenue sharing would be 50/50 between AdPress and bloggers. Monthly payments will be made through Paypal.

    Why Paypal:

    WordPress currently sell domain hosting using Paypal. I purchased my domain from WordPress and paid with Paypal so it would make the most sense to use one payment processor for the whole blogging service (WordPress and AdPress).


    1. more money is entering WordPress which hopefully will result in cheaper services for bloggers such as themes, hosting services…

    2. better service – with more money to spend, WordPress can enhance and improve their service.

    3. sustainability

    This is about it for now.

    Thanks for listening.



    They actually ARE running ads on all our blogs. It’s just that they only run them some of the time.

    Are you aware of the AdControl upgrade?



    We do have an advertising program called WordAds, which you can apply for at

    Advertising outside of WordAds at is not allowed. For full details, please see:

    If you require other advertising, you might be interested in a self-hosted ( installation. There are no restrictions on advertising if you setup a self-hosted blog instead of a blog, but there are some added responsibilities.

    Please see this link to learn about the differences:

    We have hosting recommendations at the following link if you are interested:



    How many daily views would be needed to make this worth a bloggers while? 20k hits a day? 100k hits a day? Or, in other words, how many views would you want to see before you even consider submitting an application?

    Also, to submit an application you need your own domain for $18, so you are effectively paying to display ads.



    Or, in other words, how many views would you want to see before you even consider submitting an application?

    The WordAds program is replacing the AdControl progran. Under the AdControl program suitable content and 20,000 page views per month were required. Whether or not that figure is the same under the WordAds program is unknown at this time unless one applies to the enter the program. Then they are contacted by Staff.



    Thanks. So I won’t need to worry about that for another 3 or 4 years then :)



    I have friends who get 40,000 page views on their high quality content pagerank 5 and pagerank 6 blogs. After they pay for their domain names, domain mapping, web hosting and associated costs for self hosting they make about $80.00 per year. That’s why it It amazes me that new bloggers are sucked into believing they can make a significant amount of money from advertising on new blogs that have no traffic flow, no pagearank and no authority in their niche. Even those with established blogs make precious little advertising income — don’t get sucked into believing otherwise.



    Good to know. I’d hate to fool myself into thinking there’s a pot at the end of a rainbow. I read a ‘successful’ blogger the other day talking about how he made a living blogging, but you needed to follow his x steps otherwise you were doomed to fail. I’m sure he was probably selling a book in there somewhere. Sounds like material for a blog post to me.



    There are lots of crooks, liars and others out there for sure.
    Read this >
    Professional Part- and Full-Timers: These bloggers represent 18% of our total group. They are independent bloggers who either use blogging as a way to supplement their income, or consider it their full-time job. Most of these professional bloggers don’t consider blogging their primary source of income. This group primarily blogs about personal musings and technology
    Read more:



    Sorry about the 2 links and the blockquote tag. I’m having a fumble fingered day. :(



    Good read. Thanks for the link. Now I should probably do some work so I actually continue to have a full time income :)



    You’re welcome.



    My brother had two blogs both of site rank 1. The traffic there was much less than that on my blog:). He managed to earn $2-3 daily. And after few months he give this up after his marriage. But don’t forget he is a software engineer, who never got support from forums. If a software engineer like him can not make $100 a month then how can a faint make his ways out there? A person who faces trouble even in the blog is never never suggested to move to



    So the moral of this story is don’t get married and you’ll be $100 a month better off if you’re a rank 1 blogger.

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