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  1. I just viewed a and it has adds all over it. Why is that? Is it because they are VIP members? If tey aren't, than how come everyone isn't able to post ads.

  2. ... how come everyone isn't able to post ads ...
    From the FAQs search box
    From the forum search box
    From the active threads on the forum posted below your own - take particular note of what Matt says

    7 things to know before posting to the forums

    Thanks, in advance, for always using the both FAQs and forum searchboxes and for looking for other current forum threads on the same subject to post to before needlessly starting a new thread. :)

    Lastly, if you don't feel you want to wait to purchase an upgrade so you can have your own ads on your blog as well as the ones runs then you can hire a webhost and download free software from

  3. Thanks tipster martibob for the tip........

    To the admin and forum volunteers: Please explain this.Why does he have an ad on his blog frontpage? AFAIK, it ain't allowed to publish ads on a wordpress hosted blog.... how come he had one??? I think it's a lil' bit unfair to others.....:)

  4. The blog is suspended until the owner gets in touch and agrees to remove it.

  5. Thanks for the immediate action, Mr.Mark.

    Now, lets keep an eye on some blogs...they might have ads on it.

  6. You just asked how you could have banner ads on your blog:

    it's natural that people will keep an eye on you because your bona fides are on record in the forum.

  7. Wasn't ahotmess a top blog on our dashboards? Or maybe I'm thinking of another blog.

  8. @xpressmusic
    Will you please take the nokia advertising out of the righthand sidebar on your blog.? Then I won't have to report it.
    Thanks :)

    katm gave you the correct answer in this thread

  9. Hi Timethief...sorry for the late response

    Sir it's not an ad....that's my logo for Nokia Blogs..and that's non-profit though plus there's no 3rd party link on the banner.Simply it's just a banner.Tell me if it's ok to retain it or remove it.


  10. It does have a link, but the link is broken. It seems to be an attempt to link to Nokia, which is a for-profit company. And yes, you'll need to get rid of it.

    Here is the code as it exists right now:

  11. @xpressmusic:
    that image looks fine to me; it's not an ad. It goes to a 404-Page not found though

  12. @raincoaster

    Sorry for that but as judyb12 said, it's not an ad and it goes to a 404-not found page.
    But I'll remove the code/link as soon as i am finished typing here.

    The code/link on the image must be now.

    Maybe it's now ok to retain the image? or there's still any problem?


    Thanks for the quick synopsis(LOL!)!


  13. You're asking volunteers. We are only guessing, and as you can see we have a difference of opinion. Ask staff directly.

  14. Okay thanks :)

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