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  1. I need help for removing ads by other websites. Yesterday I haven't got any problems but today when I opened my blog, on both the wp-admin pages and the blog pages, appeared ads by other websites (I've seen them in Youtube) which are really annoying to me, also they ruin the construction of my website. I haven't put them there, they just appeared today morning! Can you help me from where I can forbid those ads?!

    The blog I need help is:


    The blog I need help with is

  2. has been displaying advertising on our blogs since 2006. As they do not display to us when we are signed in you may not have noticed them previously. The ToS section 9 that we agree to in order to get a blog states this, the features page states this, and so does the advertising entry in the support documentation but many bloggers do not read these. The bottom line is that if you do not wish to have advertising displaying on your blog you will have to purchase an annually renewable No-Ads upgrade.

  3. Idk if you saw the blog, the ds with the buttons "Downlaod now".. I had blog last year, for an online game and there weren't any ads, nor on other blogs I've made before.. And I definitely would notice them. I opened the blog even without I was logged in and there weren't any ads until today! They are so annoying and it is stupid not to be allowed to remove them if you use a free blog! Now they ruin the whole appearence of the website! Ugh and I don't see the point of those ads. It would be better for the free blogs to be able at least to move the ads like one ad the bottom side of the pages, not 3 that just pervent the blog.. Also I know many blogs in wordpress that are free and there are NO ads in them, for an example my own blog that I left or this that is for the same online game that my last blog was - Club Penguin. Just open it and see - there are NO ads anywhere: (It is bulgarian website, all the info is on bulgarian, not in english, just open it and you will see that there are no ads anywhere!) It's not good when only some webblogs are affected of those ads. It is not fear. So I suppose I will probably consider of removing the blog in the near future. I can't pay for a blog, I don't want to, I can't see the point of this when I make a blog just because it is fun for me, not of making money..

  4. Or probably I can see the ads only in my blog because some ppl said that on this bobonika1212cp anyway have ads.. I actually opened this blog a week ago and there weren't any anyways.. However I can't understand what's the point of those ads..

  5. I use an AdBlocker so I never have to witness ads on any site I visit.
    I also have purchased the No-Ads upgrade so there are no ads being displayed on my blogging tips blog.

  6. However I can't understand what's the point of those ads.

    We get free hosting and the income from the ads supports the site and the Staff.

    Remember that Blogger is owned by Google and has a sugar daddy set up -- does not have a sugar daddy.

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