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  1. teammadeonline

    I am a beachbody coach. One of the top 15. I noticed other coaches have their banner ads on there wordpress blog or site, but I cannot put them on m blog. I am confused.
    Blog url:

  2. Since you haven't given us links, we can't discuss the other websites. We can say that yours is hosted at and thus you cannot have blogger-initiated ads.

    That does not mean you can't use your blog to promote what you, yourself, do. It means you can't use your blog to sell products you don't personally make, for instance supplements. You can write about what you do, you can put your logo all over your blog, but you can't advertise products and services by other people in exchange for money, even affiliate money.

  3. A little more information would be helpful.

    Are all of those 15 other sites you mentioned on Or are they somewhere else?

  4. teammadeonline

    The other sites say powered by wordpress. Do not know what that means exactly. Products made by someone else is confusing to me. For example, would it be wrong for me to advertise for a fitness DVD that I am actual in?

  5. teammadeonline
    Member here is one...just don't I need to upgrade?

  6. That is not a blog but a WordPress.ORG blog.

    If you are in the video you should be fine to promote it on your blog. But on that blog example, the Shakemaker thing would be a no-no, for instance.

  7. teammadeonline

    Oh okay, thanks. I really want to do it right. I receive a lot of views on this blog! :) So it is okay to give product reviews?, I am a Top Ten fitness expert ;)

  8. You can do reviews. What you can't do is get paid for them.

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