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    When I just published a new post, I saw a box saying that ads might appear on my blog. I was very upset as I certainly hadn’t signed up for any such thing. So when I came to support, I saw – oh you might show ads to “pay bills” and to stop this we’d have to purchase a no ads premium option.

    I’m pretty mad about this. I’m really upset that you are doing more and more to try to get us to go into buying premium features. Quite frankly, it stinks.

    The blog I need help with is



    When you signed up you agreed to the terms of service which included that ads might be shown on your blog – that is a box you checked that you stated you had read the terms of service and agreed to them – sorry you did nor actually read them

    the box is a recent addition since many people don’t read the TOS so the box about ads might appear is a way of notifying people of that fact when they did not bother to read the TOS



    To be honest, no, I didn’t read the TOS. I guess I generally don’t since they’re usually not too favorable to users and if you think too much, you might not want to even use the service.

    Then again, ads were not something I even thought much about. I guess naively, I though you’d have to specifically sign up for them. I really don’t much like the idea of having ads on my blog, so I probably would have at least thought twice before signing up.

    I wish WP had been more upfront – since a lot of people don’t tend to read TOS, this should have been highlighted more before one got to that point.

    Between surveillance and ads, I find I’m becoming a bit cynical about cyberspace.



    The terms at WordPress.COM are for the most part straight forward – the ads are in the TOS, I did read the whole thing several times before moving onto WordPress.COM. You can do as I have and pay $ 30.– / year for a No Ads Upgrade to my main site. I have friends that don’t mind the ads.

    The bills need to be paid somehow, and the ads are one of the ways that WordPress.COM pays the cost of Three massive server farms to keep over 65,000,000 blogs running quite well.

    I find the No Ads to be a bargain compared to what my old host cost and I get more storage and bandwidth here that when I self hosted.

    WordPress.COM does try and keep the ads family friendly. If you find an ad that is not G rated – please take a screen shot of it and store it on the web somewhere (your media library is great) and make a Post here in the forum about the bad ad – WordPress.COM has taken down many ad systems that did not stick to the contract about family friendly ads

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