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!@#$%^& ads?

  1. I want to get rid of your !@#$ing ads! But nothing happens when I click on the link to pay the hostage money. How do I do this???

  2. For starters we need the URL beginning with http of the blog that is being held hostage.

    You need a blog here to buy the No Ads Upgrade

  3. - is not a WordPress.COM hosted blog - it is a WordPress.ORG install hosted on Godaddy.

    That is why you can't buy an upgrade for it, and any upgrade you buy here would be worthless on that blog.

    Any Ads on / can be from

    1) some free themes have ads built into them
    2) you site could have been hacked
    3) your browser could be infected or have an add in that is putting the ads on your blog
    4) some other reason

    But we can't help you more than I have above - you should make friends at WordPress.ORG - they are the keepers of the software you are using and the support forum for the .ORG software is there.

    This forum is for support of blogs hosted on WordPress.COM

  4. Thanks for the tips! I'm more than a little annoyed that this site has SPAM on it. I will look into your suggestions.

    Thanks again!

  5. You be welcome & good luck

    I am not seeing any ads on the site when I click around, no linked text etc. so you might take a look at your browser, maybe use a different computer or have someone else visit the site and see what you can see

  6. You are right! I must have inadvertently downloaded some garbage recently, since I also noticed this spam on other pages I was viewing (news, etc) recently... So, it was my browser that was at fault! I found and removed the program that was causing it, and now everything seems fine.

    Thanks for your help!

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