Ads Appeared on Blog without permission. REMOVE!

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    Advertisements have appeared on my last two blog posts. I did not authorize this and want them removed.

    These were placed without my permission and I am not being paid to house them. The ads are both for lumosity “your brain, just brighter’ ‘improve your brain’ etc. REMOVE!



    You did authorize the ads – read the Terms of Service you agreed to when you signed up – the ads are how you get a “free” blog – you should have read what you agreed to – if you really don’t like the ads you can buy the No Ads upgrade – WordPress.COM is not a welfare site and the ads have been here since 2006 – they need to pay the bills some how.



    Thank you for your words. I certainly will more throughouly read the terms of service.

    I understand that WordPress is not a welfare site; no blogging sites are. Most people realize you don’t get much for ‘free’.

    It’s not news to anyone who blogs that all bogging sites make money off their contributors, the bloggers, as we supply them content. Without us, automatic ads or not, they wouldn’t make any money.

    Good point, I will either upgrade or relocate!


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