Ads appearing recently even with no ads upgrade!

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    Hi, I have paid for the no ads upgrade on my site and all was fine but in the last few days the ads have started to appear, please can someone from support fix this issue for me as its very annoying , kindest regards.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    I have flagged this thread for Staff attention. Please take screenshots of the ads and upload them into your Media Library for Staff to examine.



    The No-Ads is an annual upgrade – did you renew it for a new year?


    Thankyou timethief much appreciated, many thanks ;-)


    Hello Timetheif I have done as you ask, the file is labelled “ads on sight screenshot” many thanks once again!


    @auxclass thanks for the reply yes this is a recent ad on within the last few weeks and it was working fine, this problem has surfaced in the last few days, its not a problem probably just the tech wizards doing some routine stuff thats broken the ad on. All my upgrades are auto renew ! kindest regards from me.



    Thanks. Note that waht auxclass posted is relevant too.
    Check here > Store > My Upgrades to be sure your No-Ads upgrade that’s only for a year has not expired.


    Hi the upgrade is active

    No Ads
    Learn More

    No AdsWe sometimes display discreet advertisements on your blog—this keeps free features free! The ad code tries very hard not to intrude on your design or show ads to logged-in readers, which means only a very small percentage of your page views will actually contain ads. To eliminate ads on your blog entirely this is the upgrade you want. Status: Active
    This upgrade will be renewed automatically in 11 months on July 18, 2013

    Disable Auto Renew


    hope that help cut and pasted the info !



    Okey – dokey. It’s not that issue for sure. :)



    @ufohunterorguk- No chance you have applied and been accepted into the WordAds program recently?


    @justjennifer, no lol, I work on a non profit basis.


    @timethief no problem , many problems are simple user error and I understand why you asked, always check the simple things first ;-)
    thanks to everyone for their input its really appreciated.



    OK, then.

    I can confirm that I also see an ad at the bottom of the post on your front page. Here’s a screenshot.


    @justjennifer Thanks …….Arghhhhh ! lol


    Howdy ufohunterorguk,

    Sorry for the trouble. We’ll look into this and keep you posted in this forum thread.


    @bryanvillarin Thankyou so much ., you are a diamond ! many thanks to you and the wordpress team :-)


    Hi ufohunterorguk,

    So, it looks like your blog has WordAds activated, which you can see in Settings -> WordAds from your dashboard.

    Would you like to continue earning money with the WordAds program?

    If so, please reply to this forum thread to let us know.


    @bryanvillarin Hi thanks for your reply, I run a non profit organisation and sometimes use material under fair use with credits and links to source, as such it would be inappropriate to make profit. As such I would prefer the ads to be removed but thank you kindly for your offer, kindest regards from me.


    Oh im a plonker lol i can turn it off myself lol ! thanks for that turned off now lol @timethief you were right always check the simple things first! thanks so much to everyone for all your kindness and help , ufohunterorguk.

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