Ads… does this count?

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    1. Just wondering – does the ban on ads include things like mentioning my CafePress site (which i haven’t got yet) or linking to it in my sidebar?

    2. Searching for that, i’ve read within the ‘AdSense and other Ads’ topic: ‘Please send us feedback if you’d like to put ads on your blog – we are considering such a feature for a future upgrade.’ I would like AdSense though i will only pay for it when my blog gets rather more traffic than now.



    I would ask staff directly about it.

    Include links and details for them.


    Thanx, will do. I thought this was the way of asking directly!



    Sorry the support volunteers can not answer this for you
    this is something you need to ask staff directly being
    clicking the link the sacredpath, provided above.




    Hi… here’s another thread with some information that might be helpful (or just muddy the discussion, but perhaps then the question in the other thread will be clarified too.)



    Oops, posted too quickly… raincoaster gave a good clarification about amazon and other linking to what might be commission sites in this thread:


    I thought i’d replied yesterday but it’s not showing up. So: thanx for your help. I did ask the staff and was told it’s fine, it’s where you get paid for advertising (get a cut for hosting the ads – as you do with AdSense) that’s not allowed but linking to something you’ve produced yourself is different. Fracas, i had searched the forums on ‘cafepress’ before asking here but found zilch even though the link you give has it in the title!

    Seems things are run by humans not just mindless rules here, which is great. 80)



    Thanks for coming back and posting the reply you received. Each clarification helps other users to understand where that fine line is.

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