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Ads have disappeared and also my ad revenue

  1. I was getting a small amount of ad revenue from my blog. However in the last few weeks all ads have disappeared, at least they cannot be seen from the part of the world where I live. Ad revenue has also stopped! It's now zero.
    As I still get more than 1500 views a day (yesterday was 1798) I am not sure why this has happened. I wrote to Support a week ago, but have not got a solution or even an acknowledgment that there is a problem. That makes me think that now wordpress has stopped sharing ad revenue with blogs. But surely we need to be told about it?
    Can anyone tell me whats going on?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. No one is responding to this support question. People at WordPress support are also not answering my on email. What is this mystery? Can anyone help?

  3. Hi Nita - sorry for the poor response in email. I didn't get it myself so not sure why you didn't get a response to your last question.

    So you are in our Adcontrol program, which means that you get a check from Google Adsense correct? Do you ever login to Adsense? We don't have access to your Adsense account so can't look. It may be that there is a warning or request from Adsense for you to make a change.

  4. Thanks for your reply. Yes I do check my Adsense account on a regular basis, and no, there has been no message from them. My ad revenue from wordpress suddenly disappeared without any intimation from either adsense or wordpress and that is why I had written to you guys.

    About the adwords programme you have not mentioned whether as a member I am eligible for it. I feel I should be because I have great content and very good pageviews even though I do not write there anymore. I spent 3 good years building up the content on my blog and I feel it is fair if I get a share in any ad revenue, at least 25%?
    Also even if the reply is in the negative, I would appreciate an answer. At least the mystery will be solved.
    Thanks and I hope you can guide me in this matter.

  5. Hi NitaWriter. We transitioned your site to WordAds and I am seeing ads. I'd like to know what happened with Adsense on your site, why it stopped but I don't have access to your Adsense account to look. Please feel free to write me at [email redacted] if you would like.

  6. Thanks for the reply Jon. However I do not see the transition to Wordads on my blog. I have been checking my blog and my adsense account regularly. All I know is that all ads have disappeared from my blog alongwith revenue (I cannot see the ads even after I have logged out) and there is no sign of wordads.

  7. Anyway, I may not have understood the whole thing, whether I have to take any action. I just went back to your reply to me and realised that I had to click to activate wordads. I just did that. I am sorry to bother you Jon and I really appreciate your help and prompt replies. Hopefully now wordads is activated.

  8. I will write back after a few days to let you know if the wordads have been activated.

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