Ads not showing up if using adcontrol widget

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    So I used the Adcontrol widget in the sidebar for a vertical banner ad.
    But it doesn’t show up. Same for the right footer. Only ‘about these ads’ does. But the default ads in the header banner and below the post shows up fine.

    The blog I need help with is


    Hi there,

    I’m sorry, but is not hosted at As such, we are unable to provide any direct assistance in this manner.

    The fact that the site may have been built using WordPress, or may mention ‘Powered by WordPress’ (or something similar) simply means it is using the software, which can be downloaded and installed on any web host.

    If you’re interested, you can learn more about the difference between and here:

    I would recommend checking out these resources if your site was indeed built with WordPress software:



    Excuse me but last time I got a problem the staff here provided support just fine. They accurately pinpointed the problem and solved it by pushing for an update of the adcontrol widget.
    So why can;t you do it this time?


    Ah, I apologize for that. I saw the previous thread you had with Herman and now understand what is going on. I’ll touch base internally to see if there are any other updates that are on the way to see if we can get this rectified for you.

    I’ll get back with you shortly.

    Again, sorry for the mixup there.


    Oh no dont worry about it. I think it was because I messed up the tags. The default tag for this post was ( i think? I’m glad it’s all cleared up now.
    And looking forward to the good work.
    Thank you very much.


    Thank you for understanding! No, it wasn’t the tags – just a simple mixup on my end. =)

    It looks like the widget didn’t get updated w/ a particular script update for RocketScript which is causing the issue you are having with the widget. However, the Ads team has been notified and we’re working on the update right now!

    I’ll keep you updated once everything is all fixed.

    Thanks again for your patience!


    Hi there,

    We’ve pushed another update for the plugin that should be available soon and which should now allow it to detect the CloudFlare script. Everything should update automatically if your JetPack plugins are set to do so, but check soon for an update if not.

    Let me know once it begins working again. Thanks!


    Thanks, after updating I’ll confirm here whether or not the adcontrol widget showed the ads per used.


    Sounds good!


    It works, both ads in the sidebar and footer are showing! Thanks.


    Awesome! Good to hear!

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