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    WordAds has been working fine on my site, but recently the ads stopped showing up (at least for me, anyway). I don’t see them on multiple browsers with no ad blockers.

    It might be because I recently renewed my custom design upgrade, but I don’t have the No Ads upgrade.

    I’d like to get the ads back up and running.

    The blog I need help with is



    I see the ads.


    Strange. On every computer I check, the “about these ads” line shows up for a second when the page loads and then disappears. I have no adblockers but still can’t see the ads at all.

    I never had this problem until around two weeks ago.


    I can confirm what maegnus is saying. The ads under each article do not work since some time. I contacted the WordAds team some time ago when I found out about this issue.

    The answer was like:

    1. Some of our ad networks only show ads to specific IPs a certain number of times, so if you continually refresh a post or just view it multiple times within the day, you may not see ads each time.

    2. Some of our ad networks also may not have ads to run for a particular country.

    My opinion about it:

    1. is excludable as I tested my site on several german household computers of my family. Ads under the posts aren´t working with different household IP´s.

    Reseting my router to get a fresh and new IP does not fix the problem as well, which means the IP and rerloading of our own blog (when we work on the site) is not the causer.

    There is no noscript or adblocker active on my site. And cleaning the cookies does not make a difference as well.

    2. This might be the explanation. It might be that there are no ads to run in our countrys (in my case germany) which is bad as empty white or yellow adbanner lead to an ugly blog design as there is much room under each blog post where the ads usually should be. That means the ad banner is trying to show anything but it wont load an advertiser. But sometimes the design is ok as there won´t even load additional place for the ad (this is the better case as it does not destroy the design of the site). It´s varying.

    So, in my opinion there should be something done. If there are no advertisers then ok but if the “”about these ads” and an empty ad banner is showing up, then the whole blog design looks pretty ugly.

    Hope the WordAds team will join this forum here to tell us more about it. Apart from this issue I am pretty happy with WordAds. That should be mentioned too.


    As I did forget to mention…. my WordAds is set to show up to “Every visitor, except logged-in users (fewer impressions)”. For testing I was always logged out. Also I would like to mention that I changed my IP´s only a few times for the testing purpose to find out if there is really an issue.



    If you have any questions about WordAds, or need help with your WordAds account, please contact them through this form


    I am very sorry for the third post here but it must also be mentioned that ad over my header is always working. Only the blog post ads are not working correctly. Sorry for bumping again. I now have the issue descriped completely.



    Don’t post in this thread: use the link Jennifer gave you.


    Do you really mean I don´t know this link already? As mentioned I have contacted them already. The forum here is full of WordAds related questions as I found out with google and it seems that the WordAds team has been active here several times as well. There are a few posts about the program with a dozen of comments.

    The topic is indirectly related to blogs which is why I just wanted to confirm what maegnus have said.

    Are you mod here? If so, why don´t you close the topic then? If you are not a mod then please let them do the work. I dont get whats you problem with this thread here. It might be that some more people have the same problem. I am aware of the difference of a contact form and a forum. Anyway thanks for instructing.



    Keep posting if you like, but the mods will only refer you back to that link. Posting here will do you no good. If you don’t want that information, put your fingers in your ears and shout “LALALALA I can’t hear you” but that will not invalidate the information that I have given you.


    So telling me that posting here won´t be good for me, means I have broken any rules? Can you refer to them? You seems to be an expert in your field. I dont see that I have broken any rules.

    My standpoint is still the same. When I found out that I am not the only one with the mentioned problem in this thread, I thought it would be good to write about my experience as well. For me this problem is still indirectly related to has the WordAds feature, which means if there is any issue with it, it should be allowed to be DISCUSSED by the community in the wordpress forums or the wordpress members in my opinion. Thats what I do understand from a forum related to any kind of subject, whether it is directly or indirectly.

    I do accept it if a mod tells me that I am wrong and if this is the case, then it is probably the last time I have written anything here. I would not discuss it further and simply accept it, to not get any trouble. But I do not accept an opinion of a user in this case, who has not any privileges in this forum here when it comes to moderation.

    Dont get me wrong but what you do here is in the vernacular called “playing the forum police” and as an ex admin of a forum and as a user who has seen the natal hour of internet forums, I can tell you that there are many forums where you would have get a warning from the mods or admins with your behaviour due to the fact that you abused and imitated the mod and admin privileg to instruct a community member and to imply “broken rules”. Believe it or not.

    In this case I often ask myself if people do not have own problems. Where is the reason for infiltrating a subject of another persons in a forum with the motive to instruct the people? This right is reserved for the staff of the particular forum.

    I am happy that justjennifer posted the link to the contact forum of wordads as it might have been that me or any other user wouldn´t know the link. I see this as helpful. Nothing to say about it.

    But you wrote “don´t post this thread….” which sounds like a command or like you would have any privilegs here. That´s what I mean.

    I have had contact with wordads about the issue. I was only wondering if I could discuss the issue here with other people and it seemed like it it the case. I mean I dont have created this thread, you know? If this is not the case, then a forum thread “dies” anyway as you know. If there is no interest to a thread, then a thread dies out due to inactivity. So where is the problem?

    So again. Justjennifer gave an information, You simply gave orders. Here is your google search query if you are not finishes yet on your mission: “ intext:wordads”. There are many more topics about wordads you missed.

    I don´t discuss it further with you as I implied already that I truly see a difference between a forum mod with privilegs and a self-appointed mod with no privilegs when it comes to moderation of a forum.

    Anyway best wishes.




    Every time you post here you send this thread to the BACK of the queue for mods and staffers to look at. Carry on!

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