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    I pay annually for my domain with wordpress and it is in fact not a sub-domain, and yet – starting today, as far as I can tell – I have ads appearing on my website. I believe that this is not in line with the terms of conditions that I renewed my subscription under this summer.

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi There-

    I’m not seeing any ads on your site. Where did they appear?

    Also here is some info on why ads appear:

    If you paid for a domain and plan with then Ads won’t show up.

    Hope this helps.


    To add to socialthrills,

    Could you please confirm which upgraded plan you are on? Please see

    If you just purchased a domain upgrade, but not a full plan, you will still have ads.

    Awaiting your reply!


    Another note to mention, if you have a plan please go to your Customizer -> Site identity -> Footer Credit and set the dropdown to Hide. See this gif:



    Socalthrills, the ads appear at the bottom of the page, but only when I access the site from a computer where I’m not logged in to wordpress.
    Jjchrisdiehl, under purchases it just says domain registration, but that used to be enough not to get ads appearing on my site. In fact, the scheme on the wordpress pricing page,, still only has references to ads in relation to subdomains. These plan packages seem to be a recent addition.


    Hi again,

    Unfortunately, only Business plans can completely remove WordPress branding, as denoted in the pricing chart:

    Remove Branding

    Actual ‘ads,’ such as ad content that appears in a sidebar or in the content, can be removed by just upgrading to any plan beginning with the Personal plan.

    Hope this helps



    Thank you for the answer.


    Hello –

    I’m chiming in since there was a modlook tag on this thread.

    The only way to remove the footer credits is with the Business Plan as mentioned already by jjchrisdiehl.

    Please write back with any other questions.

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