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Ads on an Educator's new Word Press blog.

  1. I am an educator who has had a Word Press blog under a funding source with the NYC Dept of Education. I was advised that that blog would be shut down when the funding ended, so I created a new blog and moved the old one over. Successfully, I might add. Now I see that you will be putting ads on my blog unless I pay to prevent it. Am I in the right Word Press? I don't see an educator version. Did I put my blog in the wrong place? Please advise.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. WordPress.COM runs ads a part of the way they pay for the staff and costs of three massive server farms - there is no "education" or teacher discount - the no ads upgrade is $ 30.-- / year

    You might want to check Edu Blogs - they are specifically for teachers and don't have ads - the structure is different, but worth a look

  3. Here is the link:

    The storage allowance is different and I just looked at their site and it looks like they have changed the cost structure, they used to have a no cost to you basic plan but I can't find that anymore and they mention a "30 day free trial" if you are not a school or university (I assume that is for a single teacher)

  4. They still have a base no frills blog that is free - it looks like I got down in a section intended to guide a person through setting up a network for a school

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