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    Explanation Please: Why is WP using my (old) post about a cardinal thug –the “priest” who enabled, protected, then paid off the sub-human pedophile who raped over 400 children –as the page to put ads?

    How is it Possible –that post –suitable for advertising?
    WHY: does WP WANT to make money off that content?
    WHAT is the thinking –that went into WP Admin thinking that people, who searched/found the post, would click on any ad seen there???
    Realistically, What could Possibly be advertised -anyone would want, with that as the subject?

    While WP Admin makes themselves look…pretty bad, me: look like a greedy morron, How much does WP figure to make doing that on that post, that –justifies?

    Why oh Why is WP using that one?
    I get it, that my blog has a high PageRank, geographically well-situated, but geeze, so many others have more traffic….

    If there isn’t any reply, here’s a Suggestion:
    spend less time tweaking “What’s Hot” MUCH more time on: WP advertising alogorithym/logic?



    are you still selected for the ads trial basis? i think this is something you should take up with wp via feedback.



    Poppy, WordPress has had ads on some of our blog posts for months now. Initially they said it was a trial period, and now it looks like it’s policy. It happens on some posts but not others, and I suspect the hits have something to do with which posts get chosen; definitely NOT the content.

    If you want to know what staff think the best way is to ask them directly. Not that I expect you’ll get much of an answer on this issue.



    i do think though that bloggers have the right to have those ads taken away, because they didn’t asked to be picked in the first place.



    It’s not a test for the bloggers; it’s a test for WordPress. The Terms of Service were loose enough that WP’s position is that they’re entitled to do this. I think it happens automatically on any post that gets over a certain number of hits, but that’s just a guess.

    I’m a communist: I think that we should absolutely have the option to opt out entirely, but WP has been very clear that this is not an option with a free blog at this point. They may make it a paid upgrade in the future, and I suggested a revenue split with the blogger, which would let free blogs be ad-free, but that wasn’t received as warmly.




    If you hate the ads that much (and I agree, this does sound like a particularly insensitive placement) pretty much the only effective means of protest is to move your blog elsewhere, leaving a feedback and angry post on your way out. I know that’s not the most helpful answer, but it’s the only way you’re going to get rid of them.

    I still think that should be more upfront about their use of ads when people sign up (said it before, will say it again — a six-month-old blog post is not the best place for a policy statement, especially on an issue so many bloggers care passionately about). I can completely understand why they want to keep it quiet, but this happens to be an area where user trust is particularly important.



    I thought AdSense was sort of sensitive by default on certain posts?

    When I was running my own blog and had some AdSense running, AdSense would load PSAs — and never Ads — on anything that had “sex” or “grave” or “death” or “coffin”, etc. mentioned because they didn’t want their Ads appearing on articles that could be construed as negative or culturally/socially insensitive.

    I wonder if anything goes now with AdSense placing Ads and they’ve removed their sensitivity filter?



    Wouldn’t surprise me. It’s the same with anything involving ads — you start off having to be really careful, then once people get used to it you can cut loose. It’s only a matter of time before ads are shown on all posts on, and from there it will be a short step to showing them to logged-in users. There aren’t enough alternative sources of revenue for Automattic for ‘no ads’ or even ‘opt-out ads’ to be an option.



    I still find it curious that AdSense would want any paid adverts on a page with keywords like “pedophilia” or “pervert” — it doesn’t make money sense (unless, of course, you’re MSNBC) — and Google scans the pages for content first so AdSense knows which ads to serve in context.



    I think it’s simply that they get a lot of hits: ultimately, capitalism isn’t judgemental, it’s just analytical.



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    Adsense for end users is not here on for two major reasons: Staff wants to keep it as adfree as much as possible and security concerns due to the javascript. Those who have an issue with that are free to grab the wordpress software and find yourself a host. Nothing stopping you. Anyone who wants adsense has to explain why they want the sites open to hacking.

    It’s been discussed many times over in the past.

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