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Ads on My Post...Part II

  1. Someone closed my thread before I could get back on and reply. Here’s the original:
    [–The lower-life form who owns the building where I live has been arrested and sentenced to 180 days –house arrest –in my building; his way of handling it: committing new crimes, including shutting off my electricity & gas, other junk. Where’s Karma when you need it, sigh.]

    On my blog, original page, I wrote, in part: "If you found out a neighbor raped your child…If you found out…your own "spiritual" advisor passed the rapist around --enabled the violator of your child to rape 400 other 5-year old girls –5-year old boys...for decades…what would you do? What wouldn't you do?"
    –to which WP added AdSense ads.

    Part II:

    ~"others have more traffic” –others' –missing apostrophe; meant: other BLOGS get more traffic than mine; why even use my blog to make money.

    ~Sulz: isn't FEEDBACK for something broken/not working right? WP Admin. directly chose my page for advertising, so to them: not viewed as 'broken.'

    ~Mark: that link as reply –to my questions?

    I looked at WordPress for three months, before signing up to get a blog, because I was suspicious; disbelieving that such an ‘offer’ for ‘free’ was sustainable; possible…what would be the consequences, eventually? How would the owners make money?

    I want no misunderstanding of my views:
    ~ I believe in advertising. Advertising is honest. –Don’t believe me? After six years of college I entered art school; but when my parents heard I was in graphic design and advertising depts., neither approved, one stopped speaking to me (for two yrs), neither would pay for it; important enough to me: I worked my way thru school; eventually: had my own ad agency, in Beverly Hills.

    ~A doctor, a ballet dancer, a mechanic, a painter of canvas, a schoolteacher –I believe every human on the planet is in ‘sales.’ Anyone who claims they are against it: in deep denial; delusional. No? EVERY question posted to “Support Forum” –boiled down, every tip, widget, trick, “Search” feature, How To is about: Attracting readers. Attempt to Attract is: advertising. If a writer was Truly Utterly indifferent if anyone read: there would not be A Single other thing on the blog, besides words. It would not be: on-line.

    ~Advertising is honest –as opposed to? PR: where one manipulates media—public’s airwaves, mainstream newspapers—to “cover” something –which gets attention, thereby some desired response. i.e., “adopt” an orphan elephant –in a location that ‘happens’ to be the same spot where airline you own is about to start flying a new route. = “ink” –advertising –but for free. Airline owner (Virgin) used an elephant, instead of money, to tell the world he’s got another destination –on which he will make money, but using public’s media. = dishonest, IMO.

    ~ WP wants to use the space they gave me –to make money?
    a.) It’s about time
    b.) Where’s the honesty
    c.) Where’s the Notice
    That the WP Admin.’s are using ‘free’ blogs to generate revenue tells me: the rubber has hit the road; they are growing up; acquiring some wisdom; being realistic; leaving some of the
    ‘lofty’ goals on the side of the road/traded for paying the bills. Fair enough.

    BUT: WP Admin. utterly Fails to FACE –Directly, what they are doing. Where’s the Admission –that WP IS doing that –regularly –so that THE CONTRACT is Known –I am informed/CAN exercise my Free will to Accept OR to reject the Contract?

    If you handed me the keys and the Pink slip to a car –and every night siphoned the gas tank, without telling me you were going to do that, is that a deal I should ‘go along with’ –because You gave me the car?

    WP wants to change a policy, that is WP’s Right. WP wants to co-opt MY Right, to reject or accept the change –by not Stating the new Terms/Policy or by Not admitting there is a change: WAAAAY over the line. WP doesn’t have the Right to Slide into a new policy without: expressly Telling me/users the terms –telling that there is a change and exactly what that change is.

    WP: using my creativity, brains, energy –to generate revenue, to the benefit of only one side of the Contract? Okay.

    But At Very MINIMUM: WP owes me/users FULL NOTICE of the change. Several Months: is no longer a “test.” Change –what I believe IS now the contract –may put me/all WP bloggers in LEGAL jeopardy, because I had something on the blog –blog that WP has now morphed into Commercial purpose??? –Will a judge, somewhere, believe us, the bloggers, that we did not know WP CHANGED –without telling us? How much money has WP got in the till –if WP bloggers are sued?

    WP wants to put ads –on my page about Oscar antics of the over-paid, under-worked self-absorbed? Have at it. But: the ad system will Catch the part in it about anorexics draped in diamonds (‘Polished Carbon –on Hangers’) –that cost somebody’s blood, so there will not be any diamond jeweler ads, right?

    WP wants to put ads –on my page about a pedophile rapist enabled by a “priest”???…what ads –for such a post? People certified to do castration? People offering Free-lance lethal injection? I Don’t THINK so. I mean Really: what ads does WP Admin think –appropriate on such a page? Where is the judgment –the Filter?

    That link posted by Mark –re: ‘test of advertising’ “announcement”: disrespectful; no answer. I got the same “answer” when I asked, several weeks ago, why: ads for “bail bond company” –utterly inappropriate, was on my blog. And further insult: I was accused of attacking a poster –false, and that thread was edited/censored. –That link: Not a Response; not appropriate.

    So: I don’t have a problem with advertising; no beef with WP earning money or using advertising. I Got a prob with: No Notice of putting advertising on my blog; Kinds of ads; Where ads land; Inadequate (?) filter.

    Think this is boring –nothing to do with you? Cases are winding thru the courts –that could be a bit more than ‘boring.’ One: a blogger is being sued $150,000 PER Page –for links on the blog –each page on which advertising appears. Supposing a judge somewhere wants to stick her/his head above the crowd, get noticed by Finding: a Few ads on a Few WP blogs Changes the status of ALL WP blogs? --If WP bloggers with links are liable only IF ads on the blog, whether they Knew about the ads on their blog or NOT; Or –If ALL WP bloggers get subjected to New interpretation of new laws –even though WP is “doing a test” –how long will you stick around? Still boring?

    WP HAVING Policy of putting ads on a blog but Not Stated/blogger not Informed? Okay, then WP will do the defending if I get sued, right?

    NOTE: This issue is too important to get into side issue fights, so Please: Stick to the subject –or risk this thread being “Closed” again or censored out of existence.

    I look forward to thoughts, viewpoints, details, info cuz I'm not sure what to do.

  2. You need to direct this towards staff. We can't help you here in the support forum.

    I didn't close the other thread.

    edit: It's now reopened after deleting a half dozen posts.

  3. i think feedback is for everything basically, though any blogging question should come through here first, at least, since most questions volunteers are able to answer. for the ones volunteers have no solution for, it's feedback time.

  4. for the ones volunteers have no solution for, it's feedback time.

    Along with a link to the thread so we can all learn. :)

  5. ~Sulz: I also thought maybe it was best to post in the Forum, especially since FEEDBACK reply I got (to original post) didn't explain anything, but claimed I attacked a poster, which I didn't.

    ~Drmike: how very nice of you to reopen the other thread (and Very Good call, deleting the irrelevant), Thanks, much! ALL Powerful, eh? (!)

    No thoughts, views? I'm edgy about WP ads on my blog, for all the reasons detailed above, but both of you think I should look to a FEEDBACK, not a discussion here?

    OkeyDokey.... I'll deal with on Monday.

  6. If advertising is being placed inappropriately, you may be best off taking this up with Google, because Automattic are only going to pass the buck and say they have no control over which ads get shown anyway. Google don't want ads on posts about paedophilia any more than you do; it hurts their brand. Hosting ads on a site with 'mature content' is against their terms of service. (Would be interesting to hear whether anyone has had ads forced onto a blog flagged as mature.) You could also try arguing that said post contains 'advocacy against an individual, group, or organization', though I'm guessing Google are OK with hate sites if they're anti-paedophile ;)

    As far as openness goes, Automattic's own ToS basically allows them to change their ad policy whenever they like without informing us. We have no right to control what appears on our blog, whether it's admin bars, popup windows, tacky 'get your free blog here!' links or Google ads. It's not great, but it seems pretty standard for the industry. I don't ever make the mistake of thinking that my blogs are 'mine'. It's like the difference between owning your house and renting it.

  7. ~Wank (--your handle is a giggle; a Brit* are ya?): Overall I want to say: I like you/your style; this is a good take on the situation.

    >"advertising...taking this up with Google"
    I know that with Google/AdSense one can mark up content/force AdSense to "look here" or to force "ignore" in content, to attract/repel a type of advertising. So I thought, somehow, WP would do this --via some kind of 'auto' filter...but, of course, even as I write this, I can guess WP just enabled "AdSense" on X, Y, Z blogs, without any marking. So: you make an excellent point; didn't occur that I COULD take it to Google.

    Can I access the html of content, to mark it with those highlights myself? (If so: maybe I could do that every time, so if the content is one that gets ads would be appropriate ones or none....)

    >"ToS basically allows them to change their ad policy whenever they like without informing... seems pretty standard for the industry"
    SEEMS standard IS the part, I am wondering, will be changed via court decisions. I DEEPLY do Not want to be the canary, that gets 'shafted' (lol) because I was 'ignorant' and get sucked into a suit. But, well you know a Whole lot more about 'the industry' -trends -how to look out for yourself via a free blog than me, so: if You aren't concerned, then I'll (try to) stop worrying.

    Uh, but: when You Get worried/make a change, re: linking, photos, could you post a 411 on the Forum or shoot me an e-mail, cuz I way Don't think these issues are going to melt.
    Thanks Very much for reply. Useful, helpful info.


    *why do most Brits have such a good sense of humor? I miss the odd joke; we, Americans, seem to have lost all humor...disappeared in 2000, Abugargib...Gitmo...2004...?

  8. kinda. you can tell google which section to choose, but if you don't tell it anything, it chooses everything. i suppose you could put the markup around one of their 'bad' words (words that trigger the NFP ads, rather than the regular ones). anyway, here's the link:

    except, of course, wordpress converts double dashes to another html entity. so you'll have to put the tags in as
    <&#33;&#45;&#45; google_ad_section_start &#45;&#45;>

    (i'm probably going to have to edit this comment, to show you the HTML codes you'll need).

  9. and once you put that code in your post (in the code tab, not the visual tab), you have to publish the post without switching back to the visual tab. and you can't edit your post without re-entering the code (wordpress starts recursively converting HTML codes into the entities they represent).

  10. ~Sunburnt! Hiya, How's by you?
    What I got: yes I am allowed to use section targeting. The End. (!)

    Well, I do like it, that you Assume:
    a.) I understand what you wrote
    b.) I Know exactly where...whatever goes. (!) (Well I Did put on my Smart face, today...)
    But, uh...uhm...
    So you figured out How to translate Google's section targeting code for how many years did that take? WHYever did you even Think to do that? I mean, I've been using a 'puter since 1991 and been on-line since 1995 --but do I Know how it works? WHERE/HOW did you learn this stuff?

    For the record: slap what you wrote --up on "my" WP Blog --not if you put a gun to my forehead! I know you wrote it English, but....

    Instead of fighting with my blog, to do whatever you wrote to it, to get only appropriate ads, how about I ask you/somebody to make me a button that says:
    "Google Keep Going Don't Stop Here"
    It doesn't even have to be good looking, just a button that fits into a text widget! (--I KNOW how to add a text widget.) Can I have that?

    Oh, well, maybe those who read what I write will...not blame me for the Insane ads...and maybe: I NEVER look at "my" blog with cookies turned off EVER again....
    Thanks for posting...

  11. i got that from lorelle's post about posting code.

    anyway, it should be possible to make something that you can pop into a text widget. if someone knows what words, specifically, google prohibits, i'll put it into the code.

    then, if ads show up on your site, you can just click the adsense banner to report it to google.

  12. You know I'm tempted to throw up a couple of Google adverts on some of the adult sites that I host and see what shows up now. :)

  13. @poppy8sd :

    When someone is educated, writes beautifully, is entertaining, and produces high profile observations from a well informed perspective - then it frustrates the hell out of me, that there is no link to their blog :)

  14. @drmike
    Do you have any idea what words google "prohibits"?

  15. Not a clue.

  16. On Sunday, March 9 2014, Googlezon unleashes EPIC.

    Welcome to our world.

    The ‘Evolving Personalized Information Construct’ (EPIC) is the system by which our sprawling, chaotic mediascape is filtered, ordered and delivered.

    Everyone contributes now – from blog entries, to phone-cam images, to video reports, to full investigations.

    Many people get paid too – a tiny cut of Googlezon’s immense advertising revenue, proportional to the popularity of their contributions.

  17. Many hours until I could log-on; there is a major wind storm going. --Connected? Or maybe just a Good Thing, so I had time to think...get perspective.

    I took advice, sent a FEEDBACK with link to this thread; said 'take whatever time, to reply with thoughts.' Received reply with such speed I believe I Have Evidence: WP Techies do not engage in sleep (!)

    Got no thoughts; Admin. had seen the thread. I asked for permission to paste reply here, did not receive a reply, so I'll paraphrase:
    status quo lives
    And: WP needs to generate income; using AdSense to do that.

    Wank appears to have it all, correctly:
    >"Automattic's own ToS basically allows them to change their ad policy whenever they like without informing us. We have no right to control what appears on our blog, whether it's admin bars, popup windows, tacky 'get your free blog here!' links or Google ads. It's not great, but it seems pretty standard for the industry."

    I re-read (--tenth, twentieth time?) Google's Notes:
    1.) "Sites displaying Google ads may not include:
    *Pornography, adult, or mature content
    *Excessive profanity
    *Sales or promotion of beer or hard alcohol; tobacco or tobacco-related products; imitations of designer goods; term papers, more..."

    So: If you swear ALOT while flogging imitation fags and booze and nekked peeps hawking others' papers in your content, prolly your blog won't be up for

    2.) "Website publishers may not display Google ads on web pages with content protected by copyright law unless they have the necessary legal rights to display that content."
    "...United States Digital Millennium Copyright Act...found at the U.S. Copyright Office Web Site,"

    --The crux --of my fear. This one: way not amusing.

    This where I'm at, now:
    -Displaying ads on a page that raged about a "priest" and an enabled protected pedophile:
    -was extremely poor
    -apparently did not specifically involve human intention, taste, judgement; nor 'recognized' by Google's spider (bot?)
    -Have to realize: no control over final appearance of a page
    -Remember: I am a recovering perfectionist

    I don't have control, know less than squat about "code," WANT WP to earn money, so they can stay in business:
    IF something wrong/inappropriate, I don't have power, authority, ability, skill or knowledge to change OR "fix" a thing, so...I just won't care, look at it with cookies disabled.

    For anyone who Has any of those (Drmike) and doesn't want ads on the blog, there IS one out, maybe:
    Google will not permit AdSense on a blog that has pop-ups or pop-unders (--maybe even more annoying).
    If you DON'T want WP to earn revenue and you know how: if you add pop-up to blog/page, you're toast equivalent for ads appearing on the blog. In case Google doesn't "see" it: have someone send e-mail notice of pop-up to Google. --Which will Also get your blog dropped from *search* results? (Uh, wouldn't ads be better than a pop-up?)

    Advertisements on the blog --with/without my knowledge, makes me a publisher, so if any copywrite material posted gets me sued...will someone in Canada Please gimme shelter....

    I know this is 'tad' long (lol), but I think important, I wanted it all out, you don't hafta read. Thoughts?

  18. This is an interesting update you are giving to bloggers. Many blogs do publish copyright mateiral but make sure they publish the source and link it too. If we understand it right, If google do not entertain copyright protected materials to be prone to ads, it cannot be sure entertained to publish ads on blogs. Is that so??

  19. I've never seen these ads but are they Google Adsense? Because they are javascript, right? So if WordPress is putting these ads in, and WordPress is still standing, then doesn't that mean that WordPress is secure enough to withstand any sort of security risk?

  20. ~Sunburnt! [giggle]
    1) You actually answered my question? 2) You learned how to do complex thing --and you credit the source? Ah-mazing. Now seeing your handle will engender a giggle and: (even more) respect. Thinking on it, with or without a widget: I'm not cozy with idea of 'flagging' my own blog, to Google.... I'm going to let the Universe...decide. I think there is Better ad program (--for WP Admin.) than AdSense, I'm not in charge, clearly(!) not in control, so....

    Sorry, I'm clueless.

    Such a compliment is...well, to write such as that, tells me: it's easy to imagine you are welcomed everywhere, your peers must admire you, women must (!) adore you! Thank you, for such a compliment. I disconnected my blog link with (--Nosysnoop? --Sulz?) help because I was mortified to discover my 'How To...' Forum questions plastered up on Google! I would be Dee-lighted to have you pop in: my wedge of word press dot com
    is called
    d a V i n e
    which can also be found a t
    d a v i n e r e m e d y
    though you might find it a bit boring, as I write mostly about the Fraud Squad that runs the town, unless you live in same. Perhaps more interesting: short personal story about 'Composer Bernard Herman' or 'President's day...' or 'Sorry to Soldiers April Fool's'

    I don't get that either!

    I think Wank prolly has the Right take; guess I will (learn to) roll with whatever.

    Please forgive tardiness of response, I'm dealing with connection issues (sub-human property owner turns off my electricity) and a shock (also sub-human related, don't have stomach to state). Thanks, to each, for posting.

  21. I saw ads on my blog tonight. I am beside myself, the ads were inside the post, they were actually inside the post! I run an activist blog and the ads were for goods and services my blog opposes. I am beyond words, that this was allowed to happen without warning, the lack of judgment is beyond belief. The ad content promotes what my blog opposes, and it is inside the actual post, as if I put it there. Humiliating, ridiculous and frankly ruinous, this will destroy my blog.

  22. Have you sent a feedback to that effect?

  23. I've seen ads on my blog like 2 mins ago. It appeared on my latest post above the flickr picture. The information written on the links are about HK. Is is how the way they read your IP like the country of origin? I must say, it's very distracting but thanks for testing that out, at least I've seen the difference with or without ads. I would prefer the latter.

  24. ~flawedplan
    First: if you read whole thread, then you know on your free blog WP CAN put ads on it.

    2nd: I just looked at--whoa just had an earthquake here sheesh, Lord hope no more--your blog, with and without cookies. There aren't ANY ads on it, so I don't know what you're talking about.

    3rd: If there are Keywords in the content the Google bot isn't going to place ads and LEAVE --for things that are the opposite of those. Do you understand what I mean? It doesn't work that way.

    4th: The system rotates, i.e., WP blogs A, B, C have AdSense now, later they will be gone and
    blogs X, Y, Z will have ads. So: it's not permanent. See?

  25. I haven't heard point 4 before -- is that what support told you?

  26. I cleared my schedule today so I can deal with this. Poppy, WP can do whatever it wants, and you can burn down your neighbor's house, see? Now, getting back to matters of relevance, I did not contact support and will do that now. I can't have ads on my blog, this development is catastrophic. I don't know what to do, but appreciate productive replies while attempting to sort it out.

  27. @flawedplan:
    I took a look at your blog while logged out and didn't see any ads either. Make sure you tell support exactly what post you saw them in.

  28. I don't rate your chances of getting Automattic to change their policy, so your best bet is to find an ad-free host running wordpress mu. For example, the front page of [Link removed - drmike] says there are no required ads on your pages and you can import your existing blog there.

    If you do end up at a smaller host it's a good idea to keep a backup of your posts just in case the site folds, but then I would always recommend keeping a backup anyway.

  29. I removed the link to my WPMu setup. Matt has asked/ told me not to promote it so I would rather that it not be.

    You can find a list of WPMu hosts here if you want to check them out.

  30. Is there ad's on WP hosted blogs? I don't see any......wait, I'm using Firefox, thats why.

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