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Ads on My Post...Part II

  1. @dirkgently
    (1) Yes wordpress does run ads on our blogs
    But no we blogger's can't do the same

    (2) The other day when I clicked on your username I saw some outstanding css work on a black background blog and now I see Contempt with a custom header. I hope nothing "bad" happened to your blog.

    (3) I'm a firefox user too. You cannot see the ads when you are logged in. They are only in evidence very occasionally.

  2. Timethief, I'm confused by the meaning of this comment

    (2) The other day when I clicked on your username I saw some outstanding css work on a black background blog and now I see Contempt with a custom header. I hope nothing "bad" happened to your blog.

    The CSS is the theme, I can do nothing with it, as much as I want to. The header image shows sometimes and does not show at others, it's the Microsoft inspired coding I guess injecting an element of wonder into what should be a certain function.

    By "bad" you mean what?

    I don't feel that any of the templates are what I want, so the closest I can find is the Contempt one, with a customized header image to draw in my home site.

    On the ad's......I suppose Google would get a little pissed if you put a sticky asking your surfers to ignore the advertising they see on your blog? I guess that'd be a violation of the TAC......or did I just give them another boot to hold at our throats?

  3. The bottom line of all this IMHO is that WP com comes with certain controls and limitations. If we do not like it we need to go self hosted. OT a lot of folk here seem to think self / third party hosting is really difficult but it needn't be.

  4. I read the situation the same as atthe404 does.
    WordPress runs ads on the blogs they host and this is not going to change. Consequently, bloggers who are not willing to accept that situation must make the choice either to (1) move on to self-hosting or (2) to hire a web host. Help is available for those who do choose make the move to self-hosting

  5. I, too, have never run across these ads. Given WP's attitude towards ads in general (definitely a plus, IMO), my bet is that this will remain unobtrusive.

    Folks who are really worried about readers running into these ads may want to add a note on their About page (or somewhere similar) explaining the situation.

  6. @dirkgently
    Perhaps I was confused but I thought what I first saw when I clicked on your username was a black blog so I was surprised to see the change and wondered if there was some kind of technical glitch, that's all. :)

  7. I've now seen them a total of seven times. And we all know how often I'm around.

  8. Timethief, K was just a template change. I tried a few on for size and decided on one. I guess you looked before it was decided. no probs. I did have a look through IE, and noticed subtle ad's in a few blogs, I guess that's the ratio. For a free host it's not too bad I suppose although I've been checking out other blogging software and it appears there may be better options with potential for the blogger doing the work to make money from their well as having the same level of control or more than with WordPress. I'll be testing a few out on my PC and will blog my findings.

  9. I removed the link to my WPMu setup. Matt has asked/ told me not to promote it so I would rather that it not be.

    oops, sorry. I had a feeling there must be a directory somewhere, and would have linked that instead if I had found it ;)

    I can totally see why Matt doesn't want The Site That Must Not Be Named mentioned here though, feature-wise it looks better than this place. Are we allowed to mention the existence of any other MU hosts, or are we required to pretend that self-hosting through one of WP's affiliate hosting providers is the only other option?

  10. The Site That Must Not Be Named

    *chuckle* Have to remember that one...

    I'm just pointing folks to Andrew's list when we get the "I'm leaving since I don't have 'x' feature" posts. I made it a sticky over on the WPMu forums so I could find the link quickly oveer there.

    For self-hosting, I really don't know. Usually someone else points out the list over at I do note that I don't like any of those hosts for one reason or another but there's some serious cash to be made off of those affliate links. Also it would be a conflict of interest for me to suggest a hosting company.

  11. I don't know if it is 'all WPMU' installs, but drmike has a tie to the forums and it would seem confusing to users. Stopping by the WPMU forums is an easy way to find other installs for obvious reasons.


  12. For those who do not feel inclined to return to page 1 of this thread and search for the "all wordpressMU installs" link here it is again

  13. >"4th: The system rotates, i.e., WP blogs A, B, C have AdSense now, later they will be gone and blogs X, Y, Z will have ads. So: it's not permanent."

    >I haven't heard point 4 before -- is that what support told you?
    No, didn't get that from reply; got from:
    -My understanding of [Mark's link]:
    and replies in that thread.
    -i.e. " We very occassionally show Adsense (contextual text ads) on post and tag pages"
    -i.e. "They’re already blocked for regular visitors and people who are logged in"
    -From my experience: between my first post about this, 1st week of January, and this Forum post --I checked a few times (without cookies) and that content --No Ads. Then: ads appeared again.
    -Plus: when I looked at blog of Flawedplan: No ads.
    I could have wrong understanding, about rotating ads/blogs, and if so: Could Admin. pop in and clarify, please.

    >"Poppy, WP can do whatever it wants, and you can burn down your neighbor's house, see? Now, getting back to matters of relevance"
    I don't get what you wrote, your point. Is that sarcasm? If you Have read entire thread: the Point IS that WP CAN do what they choose, on THEIR system.
    Me: I got no interest in 'burning down' houses....
    --Attacking my reply to you? People in the Forum Don't have control/ability to Change A Thing. lol, Your energy/anger: better-spent on those who Have control --of your blog (lol)
    Are you looking for sympathy? Odd way to ask.

    You look Maahveloss! Who did your hair?
    As for third-party hosted: I have my own website --with a hosted WP blog --that looks EGGZACTLY the way it did when I first got it nine months ago, cuz NO CLUE how to do a Thing with it. The "instructions": can't be understood, by mere humans...I don't have translator, or enough aspirin, to work on it, anymore.

    >"The Site That Must Not Be Named"
    --It's a parody/take-off of: "Rumpole at the Bailey" --a character, in novel & PBS series, who was married to: She Who Must Be Obeyed. --Wank has de-lish Brit humor, doncha know.

  14. @poppy8sd:

    I am just on the cusp of launching my new extension to WordPress called Challenger.
    Challenger is the first onboard inline and intelligent theme builder for WordPress users. Any theme can be built from the ground up with just a few simple select boxes from a series of option panels in admin. No php, html or CSS is needed AT ALL. I will put you down for a complimentary copy. :)

  15. Here I thought "The Site That Must Not Be Named" was a parody of Lord Voldomort from Harry Potter AKA He Who Must Not Be Named. On the serious side, what this boils down to is that if you want your blog hosted by WordPress which will be free to you with community and occasional administrator support..then you gotta sacrifice something for of those sacrifices is the ability to control 100% of you blog.

    You are restricted to the templates on offer, with the options on each template. You are not allowed to advertise. WordPress can do what they want on your blog, as they are footing the bill. If they change it too much and restrict it too much, too many will move to other free hosts. It is a competitive marketplace with blogging on the increase and WordPress are arguably behind several others in the value for money stakes.

    Google "blogging software" for a comparison chart and look for yourself....check out the competition (it's around 3rd on the list). I will not post a link here as it wouldn't be welcomed by the administrators. Of course comparing is not takes some time and investigation. Add to this the ability to download the software and switch to paid hosting, which opens up even more options.

    It boils down to "you get what you pay for".

  16. ~atthe404
    I Luv it, that you think I know what that means...(lol) except for"cusp" --"complimentary" and the prepositions --It's all Turkish to me (--I AM 1/2 Greek, so). Though I do hope
    "put you down"
    --is American meaning, and not the British --as in 'have me shot, like a lame horse' (lol)...or make fun of me....(lol). "copy"??? Copy what? If you are going to "give" something: Cool! --What? Does it require aspirin, cuz I still have some.

    Overall: Quite right.
    As to: "you get what you pay for" --might more accurately be: everything has a price. Price of a WP free blog: ads put on blog, on which they, exclusively, make money. If one wants the space, but doesn't want to "pay" the price, as Flawedplan (aptly named???), or objects to 'not appropriate' ads (me), then moving to another provider with Wank's advice to: back-up one's posts, in case it folds, is the option. I'm OK with 'paying' the price, just want the ads to be better associated with content. (Since: I now presume "test" is over!)

  17. The test was over in July and Matt made his announcement in August.

    The reality is you can choose to either:
    (1) accept the situation;
    (2) try to qualify for a VIP account
    (3) move to self-hosting a blog;
    (4) hire a web host and have him or her download a blog;
    (5) move to another blog host;
    (6) or continue acting like a drama queen while beating this dead horse.

  18. "She who must be obeyed" is actually from the H. Rider Haggard book "She" (and sequel "Ayesha") which was a popular contemporary of Edgar Rice Burroughs' "Tarzan." It's because she's a goddess that you're not supposed to name her, and of course there are lots of religions where that's a law. You don't name the gods because presumably they sometimes come when they're called and that's the LAST thing you want, particularly if you haven't brushed your teeth yet.

  19. *Put you down* in English (as opposed to US English) has three or more meanings.
    An injured horse can be *put down* ie : put out of its misery. A *put down* can put someone in their place. Happily in this case - I will put you down means I will add you to my list. :)

  20. >(6) or continue acting like a drama queen while beating this dead horse.
    "drama queen"? So this thread was opened on your monitor and you were forced to read --by Whom?
    What happened to your "vow" --threat --"promise" not to post in the Forum any more?
    How many people new to WP will know the 'treat' they have waiting when they ask a question in the Forum, which doesn't meet with your approval.... [off-topic] Soapbox for unhappy campers « Forums
    Ah well, have yourself a nice day.

    >"She who must be obeyed" is actually from the H. Rider Haggard book
    Impressive! --and hilarious. Since it was a Brit reference (--mine, on "Rumpole"), I just should have Automatically guessed there was more to it! (Not to stray too OT, but However did you know that?)

    --I know, I was just pun'n & fun'n! When do you go over the edge --of the "cusp"? Thanks, for adding me to the "List" (--"List" will explain, in Simple English, How To change the theme of my hosted blog...or?) --I await news.

    Thanks for posting!

  21. Trent, I wouldn't be sending folks over to the WPMu forums. They're going to get lost over there. Andrew has a rather long list of WPMu hosts at the link I posted.

    Just for reference, one of Dirk's statements is incorrect. You are allowed a single paid or affliate link within your sidebar. You can see an example of this on my blog where I link to eBay.

    And I've got to admit that I, for one, don't feel like beating a dead horse yet again over the topic. Anyone unhappy with's policies is free to grab a copy of the wordpress software from and find a host of your own. You're still going to have to deal with host's ToS policies no matter where you go.

  22. @ poppy8sd

    """"~A doctor, a ballet dancer, a mechanic, a painter of canvas, a schoolteacher –I believe every human on the planet is in ‘sales.’ Anyone who claims they are against it: in deep denial; delusional. No? EVERY question posted to “Support Forum” –boiled down, every tip, widget, trick, “Search” feature, How To is about: Attracting readers. Attempt to Attract is: advertising. If a writer was Truly Utterly indifferent if anyone read: there would not be A Single other thing on the blog, besides words. It would not be: on-line."""""

    true for most people including yourself apparently, however you have to watch what you say when you generalize. There are poeple who have blogs just so they can share thoughts with acquaintances or just plain share information they think might be relevant. But ofcourse, if YOU can't imagine it then it is certainly not true. The information might not relate to everyone and some might think it stupid, but it is all relative given the perspective of the reader. What ever happened to sharing information for informations sake? you can't please everyone. for someone so intelligent, that statement really is narrow minded, or are you starting to believe your own hype? google 'Ran Prieur'.

    @ TT. funny, you are king of your own world.

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