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Ads on my website

  1. Hello, I noticed there are several advertisements on my wordpress website. I did not give permission for these to be posted there. How can I have them removed?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Are you talking about which only has one post or another site? Do you see the ads whilst you are still logged in? That could mean that your browser has an adware infection.

    If you see adverts on a site when not logged in then you must have a free plan where can place adverts. The solution then is to upgrade to a paid plan to remove the ads.

  3. May I also ask exactly what the URL of the site you refer to is? has a single published post and has not bee updated since

  4. Yes that is the correct URL. I haven't posted in awhile. @themagicrobot, you resolved my issue. Thank you both.

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