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  1. wordpress is meant for people to express their opinions about the world, to the world, not to make money. If you want to make money on something, find a blog company that allows advertising, or sell some stuff on eBay

  2. Redundant meter says... duh!

  3. Not really, we're just fed up to the back teeth of people coming in and asking the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over.

    I see way more people asking how to use their blog, than asking for ads. There really is no need to get pissed off, you don't actually have to reply to every forum post if they annoy you so much, you know that, right?

    Although I read and agreed to the TOS when I signed up, importing my blog posts from my self-hosted Web site and seeing those ads dissapear as filtered them, that doesn't mean I don't totally understand what galileo is saying... I think some of you have a little problem with the word "ad".

    Here's two examples of how I have used advertising on my blog prior to bringing it here:

    I love photography, I have a deviantART account and sell prints on it. I wrote an extensive blog post about a location I visited on holiday and made a couple of prints available on dA, I linked to them from the post. The post contained a visitors guide based on my experiences, it contained a photo gallery (30+ images) and two text links to dA, where those prints could be purchased.

    Does that make me a bad blogger? - LOL!

    Another example... I wrote reviews on some games for the PC, this is often a large amount of text, a lot of screenshots, a YouTube video and a single text link that allows the visitor to buy the game from an affiliate (in my case it was Amazon). In some cases that isn't an ad, it's a service. If you give someone a link to buy the product at a decent price (if you've given it a fair review, of course) then actually the ad is helping the visitor. Not all ads are "evil".

    Oh and I hate to break it for you, but lots of people use WordPress as a CMS... I understand that this is and that the TOS is the TOS, but that's why galileo is ASKING. Lighten the hell up!

  4. Dude, why not take that large word count to your blog?

    Hang around and you will get a sense of just how frustrating the constant ad requests are. It's certainly not like anyone in the forum can make that change anyway. We generally get anywhere between one and four threads about them a day. It's tiresome. It's perfectly appropriate to express how tiresome that is. And ramping up the volume isn't making it any less tiresome.

    Sure, people try to use for all kinds of things it doesn't work for. It's the indignation and sense of entitlement that are so annoying.

  5. So, why reply to them?

    (Was that post short enough? I didn't realise there was a character limit along with a limit on what we're allowed - by other users - to post about...)


  6. It's just that this is a technical help forum staffed by volunteers. We have limited time. If we want to read opinion essays, we go to blogs.

  7. I see...

  8. It is a policy issue that only Staff can decide on. It is in not a place to be discussed here in the support forums, so I kindly ask everyone to move on.

    You can send in your feedback to staff through an email to support at this domain, the support tab in this forum or through your "support" button in your blog admin.


  9. thistimethisspace

    I am asking that old threads like this one be closed so they can't be viewed and used as an open invitation for people to blog on the forum. Checking them and responding to them is a waste of volunteer time and energy.

  10. Agreed ;)


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