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    I am noticing ads on some accounts. That used to be impossible. What has changed in the last couple of years?

    The blog I need help with is


    Okay, I found word-ads. Neat. I think that is a great idea and glad to see it.

    How much traffic does one need before Word-ads is useful?

    I assume it also depends on other metrics, such as if your site attracts a specific niche?



    Right now the issue is how many people are in line ahead of you. There are over a thousand people waiting to be approved. For a thousand hits per day, I believe you can expect $10 a month or thereabouts.


    Thanks. I am a hobby blogger now and was just curious.

    That is huge that has that option now. Had I known that was available I would have never goofed around with .

    Easy to say in hindsight LOL…

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