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    Ads are showing on my ad-free site. My subscription doesn’t expire until March 2013. Please remove these ads.

    The blog I need help with is



    Where exactly are you seeing these ads please?

    If the ads you see are found at the end of blog posts then provided you see this link small About These Ads link what you are seeing is generated advertising. does not use text enhance or text link ads or pop-up ads or links in comments. If you are seeing those then that’s a browser-ad-on issue, or in some cases, it’s embedded into free games downloaded from the internet. See here: Bloggers: Beware of Adware.


    Hi Timethief. I did see the ads displayed again and noticed a “?” mark next to the words “ads not displayed by this site”. I clicked on the “?” and it was malware, something called “Coupon Connection” which I was unaware I had installed as it was packaged with some other software I downloaded. I have since uninstalled it from my computer. I am very sorry.

    Thank you so much for your prompt assistance.



    I’m glad you found and disabled the culprit. You’re welcome and best wishes for happy blogging.

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