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  1. I accidentally stopped by my blog without signing in, and saw a large number of ads; however, I've never seen an ad as an outward click on my stats page.
    Can it really be that, after over 20,000 pageviews, I haven't made wordpress a single penny in advertising revenue?

  2. It's quite possible. The clickthrough rate on Google Adsense is ridiculously low.

  3. Automattic Inc. runs ads on .com blogs for more than a year already; they only don't show 'em to the logged in .com users.

    it's been said also that:

    if there's more than one on a page when they are that's a bug, so send in a support ticket. (As evidenced by the fact that most people have never seen them.)

    I bet it's safe to assume as they hide a presence of placed ads from their own users, then they don't show an associated with that ads outbound clicks stats as well. that'd be logical, at least.

    in fact, the only one who knows the *actual* clickthrough rate on those ads is just the owner of that Adsense, i.e. Automattic Inc. (and the Goog, of course).

  4. Very interesting; I must have had a bug then, as there were 6 on the one page I looked at. However, going back again now I don't see any.

    It would be a little mean not to include ad clicks on the stats pages. I'm generating the content for the blog, and while I'm perfectly happy to pay for it by generating advertising revenue, I'd like to know how much of that I'm doing. In part, so as not to feel guilty about taking advantage of a great free service!

  5. Have you communicated your opinion on this to staff during week days and during support hours? You can do this by using the blue "support" button on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page or by using this link

  6. When I pointed out a couple of months ago that I had five ads per page, they told me it was a bug. If you're seeing six now, it obviously hasn't been dealt with and I have to wonder whether it's a bug at all. Either way, I doubt that 'bugs' which bring in extra revenue are high on the priority list to be fixed.

  7. Indeed; not so relevant, though, if they're not hiding the outbound links -- in which case all of the ads on my blog (upper limit (certainly way over the real figure): 140,000 of them!) have generated absolutely nothing.
    Ads I have no serious problem with, but I'd also like to know how much revenue my blog is generating to have an idea how much I could make if I made it professional. Stats suggest that, with a bit of work, I could have 2000 pageviews a day on quite a commercializable topic, but I don't know how many clickthroughs that would translate to.
    That and knowing that, one way or the other, I'm paying my way for being here!

  8. As volunteers do not have the answers to your questions re: income achieved by from running adsense ads on your blog, I would like to suggest that you please contact staff during week days and during support hours? You can do this by using the blue "support" button on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page or by using this link

  9. there're offline publishing clients which would also allow you to cross-post easily your input into another publishing platforms; they are may be not so 'state-of-the-art-with-focus-on-usability', but at least they'd allow you to get an exact idea how much of clickthrough your content could have generate.

  10. /nod to options

    free downloads offline blog editors:
    windows live writer

  11. and here's one more freeware tool: Post2Blog (win32) -- powerful editor for articles in your Blogger, WordPress, MovableType, Typepad blogs.

  12. Can I just add that it's highly unlikely that Automattic would give us access to any information on ad clickthroughs, for the reason you stated above. You would know whether it was commercially feasible to go it alone, and obviously it's not in their interests to tell you because they want to keep you here earning money for them ;)

  13. Many, many thanks to all; various points of view, all useful.


  14. On my own behalf - your'e very welcome. :)

  15. Automattic can not add six ads per page as a *bug*. And even they can't go on doing it for months without the truth becoming clear. This is a deliberate thing. If we don't like it we need to quit com for org. But please do not fall for the *mistake* c*** any more.

  16. Without doubt the themes we have must be coded to provide the space for the google adsense advertising to be placed in the blog layouts.

    But moving from to is not as scary as it sounds. There are those who will provide their professional services for a reasonable fee to help with the process of setting up the new blog and plugins and importing the contents as well as images from your blog into the new blog.

    IMHO the best thing about wordpress is that we do have two alternatives.

    (1) We do not have to remain in hosting waiting and then paying for an upgrade to have an advertising free blog in the future - we have another choice.

    (2) We do not have to go without our own blogger initiated advertising on our blogs - we have a another choice.

    (3) We do not have to accept the limitations of working on a multiuser bloggin platform at - we have another choice.

    To support the service we may occasionally show Google text ads on your blog, however we do this very rarely. In the future you’ll be able to purchase an upgrade to either turn the ads off or show your own ads and make money from your blog.


  17. If you do see an ugly ads please do report it, blog about it, etc.

    Automattic's CEO Toni response:

    It looks like [Matt's] comment about more than one ad per page was made 9 months earlier in the forums (not in the email you quote). Back then we were showing one ad unit per page, so having more than one ad would have been a bug. Since then we’ve experimented with different ad units and ad placements to see what works best with AdSense (including multiple ad units per page). We’ve also been working with Google to make the ads more effective. As we’ve mentioned in several places, we are now working on a way to offer opt-in ad serving as a feature to our users. Everything we’ve learned about ad optimization will be passed on to benefit those bloggers who want ads on their blogs to earn money. And Bloggers who never want an ad will be able to turn them off. Both ‘more ads’ and ‘no ads’ will likely be a paid feature. For everyone else, we will likely continue to show occasional ads. We’ve talked about the fact that we sometimes show ads on the main blog and more recently on our feature list, so hopefully users are aware that this is how we earn part of the money to operate

    Feel free to email me if you have questions about how we run our business. My contact info is on my blog.

    PS: You are incorrect that ads are shown to non-logged-in users. The algorithm that decides when to show an ad is based on different rules.

    Showing ad click throughs would be an awkward experience for many people.

  18. can we also have a permanent link here to the original blogpost thread where quoted above Tony's response has been copied from?

    I've always got some kind of an awkward experience when I see cited responses, attributed to any CEO, which are not sourced properly.

    for the one thing, as this topic is used to pop up here quite a few times, I guess it's going to persist in the new forthcoming forums threads as well, where I'm also expecting a heavy copy-pasting works*, referring namely to this very forum post right above instead of an original blogpost thread where the cited comment has been taken from.

    also, as this quotation has been placed here out of its context, it's not clear what particular Matt's email**, where he'd agreed "the screenshot is fugly", Tony was referring to, and whether Matt was focused there on those ad-block unit size, text/frame fore/background colour and other aesthetic (and usability, of course) aspects, rather than a high number of ad-block units per page which make .com blog plastered by five (or more) ad-blocks looking as a pretty much sploggy one.

    btw, regarding that said an awkward experience (what a nice adjective) with the ad click throughs knowledge -- I don't get it, frankly: what's so awkward about this? which exactly of such 'many people' mentioned are meant (if there were any polls on this subject)?

    sorry for the off-topic bit in this thread, but do you really believe that people who are confused and disappointed by the fact their Cats/Tags links are being hijacked into GT pages have a less awkward experience, or, perhaps, they should rather be called straight as the 'awkward customers'?

    *) as it usually happens when awkward questions regarding banned JS/embeds, theme template editing etc are stoppled with copy-pasting something like: "For security reasons we remove the tags needed for the above".

    -- guess, we both know those are rather excuses than reasons, since the wpmu constraints are rather an effect of the design, than a cause of security related issues .

    **) see quoted Tony's response text: "(not in the email you quote)"

  19. swyves, when we launch the Ad Control upgrade it will tell you how much money we think you will make on your blog based on your traffic so you can decide whether you'd like to "go professional" or not.

    timethief, it is not possible to have 6 ad blocks on a page, I think swyves was referring to the individual text links within 1 or 2 Adsense units.

  20. @Matt
    Although it was not I who claimed there were 6 ads, thanks for the clarity.

  21. I still have never seen ads. When the option to have ads on our blogs starts, will it still be on everyone's blogs even if they don't want it? Because I've been thinking I want it on my new blog but not on my Nosy blog since that blog is now weird but true news, So I can't imagine what those ads will be like. Like what kind of ads will show on a post about when another man cuts off his penis? What kind of ads are showing on those penis posts that I can't see??

  22. That of course is another reason why it would be 'awkward' to provide details on clickthroughs. The last thing they want is a flood of complaints about inappropriate ads.

    If your blog is flagged as 'mature' then in theory there shouldn't be any ads at all, since Google's ToS states that Adsense sites are banned from carrying 'mature content'. I have no idea whether the secret algorithm actually takes this into account, but if you do see ads on a 'mature' blog you should report it to Google.

    If your blog is not flagged as mature, you will have to wait for the Adsense upgrade and then pay for the ads to be removed. (Unofficially, you can block them with the custom CSS upgrade, but I wouldn't advise it.) People who don't buy the upgrade will still be subject to having ads on their blogs, and I'd guess they'll increase the frequency to make up for the people who have opted out.

    I'm disappointed by the attempt to obfuscate between 'ad blocks' and 'ads'. I think most people would consider links and blurbs for five or six sites to constitute five or six ads, regardless of the number of code blocks needed to display them. If somebody could point me to a screenshot of that number of ads not looking sploggy, it would help to put my mind at rest that the 'bug' has indeed been fixed.

  23. "The last thing they want is a flood of complaints about inappropriate ads."

    Being on our features page, which is the most popular page on, covered in our TOS which you're required to read before signing up, and of course mentioned in the forums many times I think most people have a pretty good idea of what's going on. Most of the feedback is "if you have ads how come myself and my visitors never notice them?" There have been maybe a few dozen real complaints since launching the feature over a year ago, usually a result of a bug. Because of the amount of feedback we get an actually unpopular features will generate more complaints in a single day than that. (And we fix it.)

    We fully comply with Google's TOS, and our approach of only showing ads the bare minimum of times and never to loyal visitors of your blog has is also enabled as a popular plugin.

    We take lots of steps to ensure that nothing looks sploggy, for example on a short post that we would normally show an ad on we don't because we don't want to shadow the content. You should only ever see one ad block on your screen at normal resolutions, if at all. The whole system is tweaked constantly and I believe it looks good on every page now, and if it doesn't it's a bug. Most of the reason we're charging for the upgrade once it's available is to keep out the riff-raff and splogs. has (rightfully) earned a good reputation for being very harsh on splogs.

    Anyway I think swyves original question "How can I see how much money I could make?" has been answered, "We'll let you know when we launch the Ad Control upgrade."

  24. on a short post that we would normally show an ad on we don't because we don't want to shadow the content.

    Oh, so that's why we have a word count feature now. ;)

    I don't expect ads to look good. I just want them not to look bad. I don't mind showing a few ads to people who can't be bothered to install a decent adblocker, I just don't want casual visitors thinking I'm so desperate to make a profit that I'll slap ads above and below the post.

  25. Well the new system is very tasteful, I don't think anyone would think you're desperate for that reason.

  26. Why yes Wank, my other site is labeled "mature" even though it's not. Maybe that's why I never see them. Kewl!

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