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  1. If we can't say blogs then can we say blog templates you download from Or shall we say regular wordpress blogs?

    P.S. I want my steak dinner ;)

  2. Don't talk about food please. It's the end of the month for me.

  3. EEEuuuu and there's more than a week to go until month end. Too bad you don't live close by. If you did I'd treat you to a great home cooked dinner. :)

  4. I agree that it's misleading to say " blogs," since that implies blogs hosted at "WordPress Classic" is my current favorite term for "blogs running on software downloaded from"

  5. "Wordpress Classic" :) I really like to tell people self-hosted because while the software they run really is different, most people wouldn't know the difference as it is extremely similar.


  6. The problem I ran into when using "Wordpress Classic" is that there is a theme by the same name so I confused people. And using "self-hosted" creates a problem with those who do want to hire a web host.

    As far as most people not knowing the difference it appears to me that many bloggers do not read sticky posts or the FAQs. This gives rise to me wondering if they really read much at all. I have a strong suspicion that most "skim".

  7. Yes, otherwise they'd be novelists.

  8. How can 'self-hosted' be a problem for describing downloads as hiring a web host is exactly what they have to do? ;)


  9. That's not hosting it themselves: that's hiring other people to host it. I've gone through that confusion before. "No, it's not a self-hosted blog, definitely not" twenty posts later "well my friend Bob is hosting it on his server."

  10. I can see your problem with the terminology, but everyone that I talk to uses that particular terminology, so I never really thought about it. I can see where confusion could arise. Self-hosted to me, means that you have your own host for your websites and not having your own server, but that might not mean the same thing to everyone (obviously).

    Hosted-Elsewhere wordpress then because I stick with my original point that the difference is what your web host allows. is blog hosting and the community is just a great spinoff!

  11. trent, you're a full-blooded techie. Most bloggers are not (the Pew Institute says that the average blogger is a 40-something woman who blogs to keep in touch with her friends; tech bloggers make up less than 20% of the blogs out there). We have to figure out some terms that civilians will be able to understand without asking a million supplementary questions.

    The solution I'm adopting is to ask if they're hosted at and if they're not, send 'em over to .org. I don't care if they're blogspot users or what: to me, the question is "are they our responsibility?" if no, send 'em away.

  12. *chuckle* - I wouldn't say that statement about me being a full-blooded techie is correct, but you are 100% right that most users might not understand the technical answer. That being said, if you have spent anytime over at the forums you would know that my technical answers are watered down here compared to sending them 'to the wolves' over there as it is way more technical!

    Your solution is really the adoption that most have taken and seems to be the way to go. Sending them away with something is the personal choice I guess. I will quit on this subject now, as it is too late to argue! :)


  13. It's never to late to argue this point. These forums are for bloggers who have blogs hosted by {period}. If they are not hosted by we send them away {period}.

    And when on the odd occasion some smart apple blogger here has offered them help with their blog problems they keep coming back here, instead of going to where they should go, which is either to the web host they are pay for service they don't get or to

    Prior to having this bbpress forum software we had software that automatically linked the usernames to their blogs. Since we got this new software that has been lost. Consequently a great deal of volunteer time and energy has been expended on those posting only to find that they had "regular" wordpress blogs and were not hosted by

    As wank has so eloquently pointed out the efforts of volunteers are not valued by wordpress. It's a whack-a-mole situation because another one will always pop up. Well, check it out closely because those folks are not "popping up" as frequently as before and some aren't "popping up" at all anymore.

  14. If I were really sinister I'd send them to LiveJournal. On the techie issue, it never ceases to amaze me how many people buy the CSS upgrade with absolutely no clue how to do CSS. It can't be that hard, as I would definitely say I know nothing whatsoever about CSS and yet I've been able to answer several questions about it. Does WordPress say "technical support for CSS is not provided, y'all are on your own"? It should.

  15. forums have always been run on bbPress, but not everyone that signs up has a link to a wordpress blog as many people signup just to have a Akismet API and hense no blog link. As to your personal attacks that you are trying to mask, they don't need a response.


  16. @rain,
    Sinister, eh? Live journal, eh? not zanga or myspaces or facebook or ????

    The FAQs says:

    Where can I find CSS customization help?

    We do not offer CSS support or training directly, but there are a TON of great resources on the web to get you started into learning more about HTML and CSS. There is a learning curve, but CSS is a very valuable and reusable skill.

    And it also lists scads of links.

    There are 3 sticky posts at the head of the css forum that have solid info in them too.

    Thanks for making the API key connection for me. Now the change makes sense.

    But sheesh... never leap to conclusions about personal attacks.
    I wasn't even thinking of you at all.
    Others who used to be more available aren't now.

  17. "Wordpress Classic" is a theme though.

    I just like "Wordpress hosted elsewhere" myself.

    "self-hosted" to me means you're also running the box the site sits on.

    And would someone please explain to me why that site is still active?

  18. ToS'd

  19. Yup.

    but everyone that I talk to uses that particular terminology

    That's because we're all in the industry. Try telling that to a soccar mom and see what kind of reaction you'll get.

  20. The task of trying to weed out questions which should be at .org is probably doomed to failure, for two simple reasons: a) .com is a more widely used TLD than .org, so people guessing the URL for wordpress are going to end up here and b) people with problems don't hang around reading sticky posts before they ask. It doesn't help, of course, that the sites look very similar, nor that the widgets plugin used to point people at .com rather than .org.

    If you set up wordpress with a one-click install on your host and then decided to activate Akismet, you've never visited but you have had to register with, so it's no wonder people think this is the place they need to come for support.

    In the long term, the stuff on .org will probably end up being shifted over here anyway. There will be some shouting about that, mainly from the OS guys, but I really don't think the current situation is sustainable.

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