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  1. So... why aren't we allowed to have ad's on our sites? It doesn't affect the server load for :S

  2. Because doesn't want to be a haven for blog scrapers and spammers and also because they, themselves are already running Adsense on our blogs. You can do a forum search for the issue: it's been asked and answered several HUNDRED times already.

  3. @raincoaster
    i dont understand your point
    i mean "themselves are already running adsense... "
    i dint get you there

  4. Your blog has Adsense. My blog has Adsense. They have an Adsense install on every blog at You won't see it if you're signed in, or if recognizes you as a regular reader; usually people only see ads if they come to your blog via a search engine.

    Like I said, there are hundreds of posts on the issue. A search should turn up a few screenshots of Adsense on the blogs.

  5. This blog post has screen caps of some of the ads:

  6. Can we install Adsense if we use our own hosting instead of the Free Bolg version?

  7. If you have your own web host and install the software from, then you can do anything you want.

  8. Thanks sacredpath

    I appreciate the quick response & help

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