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adsense and the like.

  1. I would like to ad adengage and the like to my blog but it wont let me ad the code, also I can ad the code from my blogrolling, what can I do? and many other blog tools dont work, I want to grow my readership since I moved from blogger but nobody will know I am here if I dont link to my old hangouts.

  2. You can't. A quick search for "adsense" in the forums would have answered your question without needing to ask.

  3. Also explaining what you mean by "blog tools" would be helpful as all we can do is make guesses as to what you're having issues with.

    Also, just for reference, since you brought up adsense, you owe all the volunteers here a steak dinner.

  4. ok I have a program with adengage, it is like adsense but it has text and photos, I placed the code in a text box and the code keeps dissappearing, I also tried to ad my blogrolling script and it did not work either, (I wanted to use that since its faster than adding a blogroll manuelly to each blog I own.)
    I mentioned adsense because everyone knows what that is but all the networks used the same basic script. but I use adengage and a few others. I also want to use the blog catolog widgets also.

  5. The code will always disappear, because such things are stripped out from blogs. Do a forum search for "Javascript" and you'll see why.

    Advertising is also against the Terms of Service, and will get your blog deleted. Those are the Terms of Service you agreed to when you signed up for a blog at

    Your blogroll can be managed from Dashboard -- > Blogroll.

  6. @mortalez

    I use adengage and a few others.

    If you wish to have a monetized blog you are in the wrong place. We are not allowed to have ads on hosted blogs. Doing so can result in having your blog deleted. This is clearly stated in the FAQs
    Also note that blogs cannot be used to drive traffic to 3rd party sites. This is in section 2 of the ToS (5th bullet).

    If you wish to have a blog that you can advertise on you can hire a web host and have him download software for you from or you can self-host a blog from the same site on your own server. More information on the differences between software and services can be found in the Please Read Me First sticky post at the head of the forum.

  7. yes I tried that and it was one big headache lol I couldnt ad themes etc etc...
    and you guys dont have as many rules saying what can and cant be posted.
    It is soooo hard to find everything you want.
    every blog host I try has the devil in the details.
    funny this seems to be the best option I have so far.

  8. If you don't have a blog hosted at, you're in the wrong place.

    Have you read the sticky thread at the top of the forum called Read Me First? It sounds like you're still confusing this for We can't add themes. We have MORE restrictions on content than they do.

    If you want a turnkey, ad-ready blog system, you really do have to expect to pay for it.

  9. ... and you guys dont have as many rules saying what can and cant be posted ...

    Did you actually read everything I typed up there? There are restrictions on advertising at but not for software downloaded from and advertising is what you wanted.

  10. Just for reference, please watch teh use of pronouns there. "You guys" is misdirected. We're just volenteers here in the forums.

  11. <----

  12. Surprised we havn't seen Staff avatars yet come to think about it.

  13. No I mean as far as content censorship, and yes I have a blog hosted here.
    I left blogger because they threatened to close one of my blogs saying it was too mature in content, (it was not even a porn blog, it was closer to maxum than to playboy).
    from what i was told, here you just get delisted but the blog stays up.
    now advertising is another issue, blogger lets you advertise but they are not letting you post what you wanna post.
    but the java thing is the only drawback to this service since I can't add all the cool stuff out there for blogs.

  14. @ mortalez
    IMO your best bet for getting a blog that meets your preferences and needs is to either (1) self host software downloaded from on your own server or (2) hire a web host to do the same for you. Using software from means you will not be restricted when it comes to using javascript, having advertising on your blog or being censored.

    Mature content blogs reference
    Javascript not allowed on this wp-MU multi-user blogging platform reference

    As far as promoting a "mature" content blog goes you ought to look into social networks. I belong to some and we have the option of filtering i.e. blocking "mature" or "adult" content blogs so that means they must exist and have a readership.

  15. As far as I know, Maxim type pictures are okay at Blogger. I don't know why they threatened to delete you. Was it over copyright? But their warning there is that we can't have a porn blog if we're going to make money off of it. Because then everyone and their mother would have a porn blog and overrun their system.

  16. why would anyonew want a porn blog, for that matter why would anyone want porn >.< just go out and get yourself a GF :)

    That said, to get a warning from blogger takes a hell of a lot of doing

  17. Money. Money and fame. It's an audience magnet.

  18. I've got about 3 dozen on my own wpmu install. Rather surprised as all of them have marked their own blog as mature.

    What's even more surprising is that TT hasn't found a single one of them and sent in a "please mark this as mature" request. ;)

  19. What makes you think I didn't find them and choose not to report them?

  20. Oh, so we like the porn then....

  21. What makes you leap to that conclusion?

  22. I like the look of my blog at Word Press. It's cooler than Blogger. But I keep Blogger at Google because they let me have ad links. And I don't have to pay anyone for that.

  23. TT, I deleted your post. Please stop policing the forums.

    russnichols, there are other options from using a service for being unsecure and a spammers haven. You can find a list of other wordpress sites located here:

    Some are free and they all have different policies when it comes to adverts.

    Hope this helps,

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