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adsense appeared on my blog

  1. WordPress doesn't allow us to run Adsense because they're already running it. It's (at least part of) how they fund the free service we get.

    There's some recent discussion in this thread.

  2. And it looks unlikely that they will allow the "pay to opt out" option:

  3. singularcontiguity & membracid,

    Thanks for you prompt replies. I had read about the Adsense policy up to the point where it said is for non-commercial blogs so no Adsense. I see now there's a little more to it.

    Thanks again :)

  4. Actually, I'm pretty miffed! Do you know of any good hosting services?

  5. I don't happen to know of any. Of course, my criteria for "good" may differ from yours. :-)

  6. I've just realized this too. Somebody recommended Blogspot to me as an ads-free host but I have not looked into it yet.

    There are other threads on the same topic. You might want to check those too. :-)

  7. I believe keeps a list of recommended WP hosts, so check over there.

  8. Thanks, raincoaster! Still mulling over what I want to do (cue Clash) -- should I stay or should I go.



    i'm not angry, just really really wamt to emphasize i want adsense. love you guys though, would hate to have to leave...

  10. and by the way i love everyone on this forum too.

  11. @workinginthefield, You need to click the Support link at the bottom of the page to send your feedback to staff. They visit the forums every now and then, but this isn't the official way to communicate with the staff.

  12. I've got to say, that I've never seen an actual example of an adsense ad on a WP blog. I've never seen one on my own blog either. Am I just fortunate, or how would I go about seeing what everyone is always so upset about?

    (I feel kinda lame asking that.)

    I've clicked on all kinds of google results for my blog, and never seen an ad on it. If someone else has, I'd sure like to know.


  13. Try this: sign out, do the cookie dance and a full restart, then, before going anywhere else, google "Fracas" and click on the result. Better yet; try it from a computer that's never been to your site, when you're not signed in. It can be a bit of an eye opener.

  14. How will WP let their bloggers know that the possibility to upgrade for a benign sum has become live (if ever it will). I got an unwanted advert in my post (see and by the looks of it, I am not the only one who prefer to pay a small sum to keep their blogs 'unpolluted'.

  15. interissueforum

    Raincoaster- Are you trying to say that there may be Adsense on our blogs and its not visible to us?

    If so, I would really like to know- I really don't want Adsense on my site. I think it looks tacky.

  16. Yes, that is what I am saying. And yes, it looks very tacky.

  17. OMFG. I checked the Google search. Do the ads only appear on popular blogs? I feel like I've been duped... all this work I've done may turn out to be for nothing.

  18. Now that I've had a few minutes to simmer down and stop swearing like Cartman...

    I'm interested in the paid upgrade *if* the upgrade eliminates the ads. And if I can get past the white space issue and other glitches.

    If there is no escape from ads, I have enough know-how to stay afloat with the software, once I could get it on a host. Right now my ISP is Comcast, and I don't know if they have PHP, etc. (This option is way off topic, I know this is the .com forum, just thinking out loud.)

    I'm changing my status from WordImpressed to WordDepressed. I hope a cheap and sensible option for avoiding ads is made available soon. If not, ads are the #1 Deal Killer for me. I spend enough time obsessing over my layout, without having Google &#@<ing it up behind my back.

  19. Yes, it is depressing. But if you consider the number of ads served over all the WP blogs...there really isn't a price that we could offer them to stop.

    I wish it were so, but so far, nope. You can't opt out.

  20. The "cheap and sensible" option is to get self-hosting at a reasonable price, install the free WordPress software, and go independent. Then you don't have to worry about the ToS either; the only restrictions are those of the law and the host you deal with.

  21. Not very effective, spamming and getting the link wrong.

  22. many bloggers mention somewhere their blogs, that if the reader sees ads, its the property of and or google. Although thats not entirely satisifying, i prefer to do this as well.

  23. Just wanted to say, I really like the community here. It wouldn't be as fun floating out there on my own. I hope the admin here follow through on the no-ads upgrade option. If I'm going to spend $7/month for a host just to avoid ads, I'd rather give that $7/month to WordPress.

  24. I don't complain about WordPress. Blogger is not as good. Bloger does not have as many features, and doesn't attract the hits like WordPress does. I don't care if they put ads on my blog. I'm just here to have fun.

  25. I also have Adsense advertisement, not directly on my blog but when I make a google search research by images. I don't like that. It's a commercial exploitation.
    One day, I am going to put an announcement over these advertisements: I did not ask for these advertisements, do not click!

  26. Put it in a text widget in your sidebar. Only fools click on Adsense anyway.

  27. pierrickmoritz

    Thanks !

    I understand.

    Nothing is free but it's too much expensive for me!

    I would soon create my own site to exploit myself by myself (sorry for my english, I'm french).

  28. How I know Google Adsense appear on my blog

  29. It does. If your blog is hosted here, Adsense will sooner or later appear on it. PERIOD.

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