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adsense appeared on my blog

  1. Yep. And I only have 22 in my paypal account, dammit!

  2. I'm surprised at how little reaction there has been. I thought it was post-worthy, and thought that other wp.c-based bloggers would be of the same mind. Not so, going by the following tag pages:
    And much of the reaction here in the forums is from people anticipating the reaction.
    Hey, does this mean I can run my own ads now? :)

  3. Justjennifer, are you saying perhaps that Benevolence does not have ads? (Because I was just going to shell out 30 clams for the 'upgrade.').

  4. No, that's not what she's saying.

    @ andrew: Matt's post is #1 on WP today as it was yesterday, and Lorelle's (basically the same information) is #2. I think people are just relieved and lined up at the internet bank machines, that's all.

  5. andrew said: Hey, does this mean I can run my own ads now? :)

    Matt actually said that he and gang is working on a paid upgrade which will allow you to display your own ads. If you want that sort of thing (ads...ick!) ;)

  6. They've been saying it was in the future for two years. Don't hold your breath.

  7. I'm not...I will enjoy (somewhat) ad-free WordPress for as long as possible.

  8. I just like to keep you guys guessing. ;)

  9. @beemeister-Having to pay in order to run your own ads is also a deterrent to sploggers. Why pay someone when you can splog for free elsewhere?

    @tsp-If you have to pay to run your own ads, still earns money from your blog, so maybe it's not so far off as they make it sound. I get the feeling that the Opt-In upgrade is going to be a bit more expensive than the Opt-Out upgrade. (see above point)

    @matt-yes, you do. :) (But it would be nice to share a full BBQ dinner from time-to-time rather than just getting tortilla chips and salsa.) ;)

  10. Once more about the ads themselves:
    Wordpress let the advertisers do the worst thing possible: a row of URL links straight after the last line in your post. Readers will think that they are part of your article, that YOU put them there, that YOU want to coax them into clicking and buying some product.
    I already feature a disclaimer, but I'm considering to put it under every (copyrighted!)post; bold and underlined. A free service space does not mean that whatever I put in the space between the pageframe lines, may be raped. And that is what is done. Unless the ads are placed at the side, or on top of the header.

  11. You may want to check out or as I believe they both have specific disclaimers about "anything you see below this line was not placed by me" or something along those lines. OCS has great info about the whole ad issue.

  12. I have been looking the other way on this issue, until the fee thing was announced. I have just posted to my blog my probs with this and my suggested solution:

    I hope you'll all come by and read it.

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

  13. @raincoaster,
    Good idea, but not for all bloggers:

    3. That I do not accept money in return for advertising space on my blog

    I would! And it won't have to be 50%, 49 suffices!

    I've read the Terms of Service over (I admit I hadn't done thoroughly the first time around) and saw a few breeches, or rather, weak spots:

    Responsibility of contributors: the content is not spam'.
    Aren't these ad-links just that: spam? Or should I say web-hacks?

    'You must immediately notify Automattic of any unauthorized uses of your blog'
    Is Terms speaking to me, or to itself? Aren't these ad-links standing on the feet of my texts just that: unauthorized?

    The Terms also talks about Automattics' intellectual property. Where's the legalized line that recognizes BLOGGERS's authorship? You see, you don't have to ad a © to your intellectual/creative properties, name and hyphen are of no difference to their protected status. WordPress is not allowed to change anything in blogposts, unless WP can show that they are an infringement of their Terms of Service, or when - for instance - the Mickey Mouse Protection Act is violated.

    'By accessing or using any part of the web site, you agree to become bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement'.
    The sub Advertisings isn't included in the Terms. So how can a blogger agree with it?
    According to me this is WordPress' one and real agreement's cheat. That may sound mean, but it really does make a difference how the ads are integrated. We do not want blogging around advertisings, it should be the other way around.

  14. @ vandeurz, there is no point debating Automattic policy or the policies of other bloggers with me; they are not my policies. You seemed unhappy with the existing situation and I showed you some bloggers who have solutions. If you want to debate the merits of their solutions, debate with them.

  15. @clapso-you seem to be under the impression that running is an altruistic venture. It costs money to provide space and bandwidth, even if you provide the content.

    BTW-do you have a flickr account? If you pay flickr US$25 a year you can upload and store an unlimited number of photos and there's no advertising shown to you when you surf flickr. If you have a free flickr account, you have a monthly upload limit, you can only see your latest 200 photos in your photostream, you don't have access to your full-size images and you regularly see Yahoo ads on flickr's pages, guaranteed. And using your own argument, if it weren't for flickr's users, there wouldn't be any content on flickr either.

    Even if you never see a single ad on your WordPress.COM blog, if running ads to support the free service you receive so disturbs you, you now have the option of getting rid of those ads for US$30 a year-this was an option you didn't have until a few days ago.

    The other option you have is moving your blog to a self-hosted WordPress.ORG install.There you can run or not run ads as you like and of course pay for the costs associated in running your own blog.

    My rapidly falling 2 cents worth. Just sayin'...


  16. and I showed you some bloggers who have solutions

    You did, and they do. But I'm quite right about these Terms, ain't I?

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