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    Well the plugin is working but whenI try to add a block I get the following error in IE7

    “Internet Explorer cannot read this webpage format”

    Firefox says this on the other hand.

    “An appropriate representation of the requested resource /wp-admin/options-general.php could not be found on this server.”

    Anyone got any idea what is going on?


    *sighs* you can’t have adsense on blogs. There’s been what 3 or 4 of these topics the past 2 days alone. Try reading the sticky at the top

    Can I include Adsense or other company adverts on my blog.

    Short answer: no. AdSense, and other JAVA Script based scripts, are currently seen as a security issue. Also blogs are provided as a free service. This policy may change in the future. Please note that bringing up the subject of Adsense is not recommended as it’s been brought up many times already in the past. (Rumor has it that you own the forum moderators a steak dinner if you bring it up yet again.)



    I host it on my own server though and I see loads of other blog owners running Adsense.

    I am not running my blog on



    I am not running my blog on

    Then you are in the wrong place for support. This forum is for blogs. You need to visit the forums….it is two different systems.



    Ahh k , thanx for pointing me in the right direction.



    HAHAHAHA Ya gotta love a polite request of the deaf.

    “Please note that bringing up the subject of Adsense is not recommended as it’s been brought up many times already in the past.”

    The flawed design of the forum encourages this very behavior, pointing it out and asking not to do it will have the same impact as my reply here…….none.

    I just couldn’t help but laugh at the the request. For someone to read this request, they must have clicked on an AdSense thread before asking their question, which means they will have clicked on more than one, and already know the answer, so the question won’t be asked.

    Hmmmmm…….what other requests of the deaf shall we have? This could get quite funny indeed. A no smoking sign on the inside base of an ashtray where it is only seen when emptied?


    Actually if people just had the brains to open their eyes and click the ‘[closed] Please read me first before posting’ which is ALWAYS at the top of the forum page, then they wouldnt need to ask this would they?

    However since people are either to lazy or just plain stupid, they dont. Hence we get stupid questions like this.



    I agree, and a flawed forum design encourages it.


    Not really, you cant miss the post. You have to actively not be looking to not see it. Sure the forum aint perfect, but its better than some ive seen. It’s not THAT hard to navigate or use.



    Gosh I wish I was as smart as you all think you are. It must be really nice to look down at all of us dummies.


    how hard is it for you to open your eyes.

    Right on the opening page theres a big kick ass sign saying ‘Check out our Frequently Asked Questions’ in big bold letters. Then right underneath that there’s an even bigger search function, that takes up the entire width of the page. How big does it need to be before you notice it?

    Then under that are the three stickies that NEVER move from the top of the page. Then we have the actual forum posts.

    Just sticking adsense into the search bar brings up all you’ll ever need to ask or answer about it. Is it so hard for you to use the grey matter between you lugs?

    Am i smart, no not really. Sure i have a degree but outside my feild im pretty much a kid >.< However i do have common sense, something alot of people seem to be lacking a great deal of these days.



    It doesn’t matter what they do with the design of the forum (and it’s not like they’re going to do anything in response to the requests of mere volunteers, so there’s very little point talking about it — people have been asking for the .org forum to switch to proper forum software for at least three and a half years now, and it has got them nowhere.) We are always going to get questions here because the domains are both called wordpress. Not everyone is as familiar with the distinction between .org and .com as Automattic assume.

    And, much as we would like them to, people with questions they believe to be urgent don’t hang around reading informational notices. Sad but true.



    People don’t read stickies = Fact.

    Trying to change people is pointless, none of us have control over anyone but ourselves. This leaves only one solution…….changing what can be controlled.

    Redesign the forum to FORCE the questioner down a path which will shove the solutions under their noses.

    You can only change what you control. If the two parts (questioner & solution) are not meeting and having the desired effect (solved problems without repeating them again in the forums), you need to adapt one to suit the flaws of other. Otherwise this problem will echo on and on and on.



    “You can only change what you control.”
    – You can’t control other people regardless of workflow. You cannot force people to read. You cannot make things happen.

    We could make a sticky “Adsense Tips & Tricks!” and in that make it clear that it could not be used and I absolutely guarantee the posts would happen still.

    If they annoy, ignore them. Someone else will answer it.



    You can’t control other people regardless of workflow. You cannot force people to read. You cannot make things happen.

    Of course you can’t if you have no imagination and no willingness to adapt.

    If they annoy, ignore them. Someone else will answer it.

    It never ceases to amaze me the “head in the sand” approach to problem solving here…….and this from a Key Master too. The whole point of this train of thought is to automate as much as possible so that volunteers don’t have to keep answering over and over again.

    I didn’t realize the forums have been an ignored source of concern for so long, maybe it’s time to sit back and watch while flounders where they could evolve and choose not to.



    i think it probably is time to sit back, as you say. You have made your points in numerous threads, and at this point you are only managing to annoy other forum volunteers, who don’t have any control over this issue either.

    I’m not trying to run you off, but i think the point has been made and it is time to sit back and watch the results (or lack thereof).




    I think you could be right, you can only try to save someone from themselves for so long, if they are hell bent on ignoring any help all you can do is sit back and watch the demise……and watch to see who will take their place, having learned the lessons refuse to.


    i personally dont see wordpress going to be dying anytime soon. n fact if anything its the reverse. A lot of people i know who use the likes of livejournal, blogger and bravenet are moving from them to WordPress because not only is the software better, but the support id better aswell.

    If your so hell bent on using adsense then why not move to one of the wordpressmu sites that DO offer it. I know of a few that allow the adsense widget



    The long and the short of this is clear. The original poster received a correct answer, although he or she did was not given the links to verify it. Thereafter, opinions on wordpress policy were posted, yet again.

    Staff and our Moderators have repeatedly advised us not to discuss policy on the forum. They have also advised that the appropriate place to do this is on our blogs. Will you please “blog” your opinions instead of posting them to the forum?



    For reference:
    Answering the original question again, google adsense cannot be used on blogs hosted by unless you are part of the VIP hosting packages.

    In fact you agreed to a legal contract called a Terms of Service contract in order to get a non-commercial blog.

    No Adsense – No Advertising policies can be verified here:

    WordPress does offer an alternative for those who wish to monetize their blogs. You can hire a webhost and go to http://wordpress/org and download free software there.

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