Adsense dictatorship by wordpress.

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    WordPress takes all its freedom placing adsense ads on your blog but you as a user can’t! You can’t place ads, you can’t insert any form of code or any other kind of ad. What is this? “Blogger” let’s you place ads, “weebly” does and many others do. I find this really frustating and crapish and will start a campaign against wordpress’s way of doing. This is nothing else but dictatorship. I reccomend you change these restrictive measurements on your blog leaving each user to place ads and make money in total freedom otherwise you as WORDPRESS should not place ads at all on our blogs. Thank you for your attention



    We also give away our software for free so you can host it yourself and run whatever ads you wish:


    translation: ‘go away and stop bitching, it’s never going to change’



    We’re working on plans for advertising options. There are issues still to be resolved.



    You’re joking right? this is a hosted service, so there is no “rights” as far as I know, so basically have the right to do anything they want. I suggest you look elsewhere if you can’t stand the ads.



    This has been covered many times in many threads. As tellyworth (staff) suggests, it is something they are considering, but nothing anyone can do until they do, so for now we have to leave it be.


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