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AdSense for the Footer of My Sidebar?

  1. You are not allowed to post in this thread unless you can spell "nonsense" correctly. Please follow our instructions for adding adsense to the footer of your sidebar as a rotating flash file and report back.

  2. Hmm, actually made $7 yesterday off of adsense on my blog. That's a high for me.

  3. in no time you'll be a millionaire drmike!

    ... in rupiahs, that is.

  4. I'm wondering when was a "modlook" tag added to this thread,
    by whom and why?

    We have been told to use the modlook tag only for:

    *advertising policy violators - ToS violators (bloggers use tab to report to staff)

  5. Perhaps someone was being overly earnest?

    On the other hand, it might have been me on the off-chance that glfgh commenter was a spammer.

  6. Well if it was you then you can remove the tag from this thread.
    If it wasn't you won't be able to.
    Has been here 1 week. Made one post. Blog has a dropped sidebar.
    And posted once to the forum into this thread.

  7. It was!

  8. Okay - that's cool that you removed it.
    It would also be cool if disembedded removed the original tags.
    We volunteers don't need tags on our threads. Titles will do fine.

  9. Why in god's name do you care? It's a goof thread. I say the posters can add tags or leave them as they please.

  10. WOAH! Sure people can do as they wish. This is my thinking. There are two ways to locate threads - titles and tags. By not using tags we are cutting down on confusing bloggers who don't know there are multiple forums and that "off-topic forum " really means "chat forum". That's all.

  11. Well anybody who wants adsense would get a good lesson from this thread for sure.

  12. Hmm, made $4 yesterday. Still better than average.

    As long as I make my $100 a month so I can get a check. Pays for the bus pass and some breakfasts. Doing those 3 hour walks unto to UNCC in 90 degree heat is not going to happen. (Which is why I haven't done anything much with my own wpmu install lately.)

  13. 90% heat sounds absolutely unbearable - our skies are overcast, agian

  14. While helping a blogger yesterday I clicked into her blog and found an article entitled: How to get genuine looking adsense clicks

    Here's the advice she gives in this article on how to perpetrate an adsense fraud --

    "The best thing you can do is to form a local group of your friends and relatives who are also interested in ad-sense or are willing to click your ads when you ask them to. You can start off from the contacts in your yahoo messenger or msn messenger.

    The thing to keep in mind is that don’t try to get the clicks from the same ISP and also try to make friends in US as when they click you get high amount per click, i don’t know why but when we get clicks from the people in US or Britain or even Australia, we get more amount.

    One more thing is that check your ctr periodically as it should not go beyond 20% but try to keep it below 10% (safe limit), otherwise you will get banned.

    Also if you have dynamic ip then you can also click your own ads but keep in mind, don’t check your ad-sense account with the same ip with which you have clicked your ads….not even log in to as it is now being monitored by google .

    Try to clear the cookies and cache after you click your ads and login to check your ad-sense.

    check your ad-sense account with a different ip , i mean after rebooting the router.

    you can maintain the ctr by getting more page visits, this you can do by spamming on the discussion forums, post your blog URL in the signature of your forum id or your mail so that this link always gets passed on to new readers and also to whom you send the mail.

    Places where you can spam:

    1. Try to find the forums related to your blog content.

    2. you can also spam the yahoo answers and yahoo groups

    3. orkut communities is the best place to spam

    try to find more…..don’t leave even a single opportunity to spam. this is how you can maintain ctr as really genuine clicks are very rare.

    One more thing, try to find when the ad-sense server reboots(in other words this is time when your previous day’s page impressions and clicks have been cleared). This helps a lot as when you get clicks or when YOU click your ads during this time(i mean say 2 hours from the time of reboot), you get high paying ads i.e more money per ad."

  15. The same blogger was also asking to embed an SEO signature link in her blog. Sheesh!

  16. That's awefully strange advice as Google states very clearly that they do track IP addresses on folks who do click. After the first couple of clicks, those clicks no longer count.

    (Got my buspass for July. I'm happy)

  17. Glad to hear you got the bus pass. :)
    Did you notice this?
    Have you noticed how sluggish the forum is?

  18. Responded.

  19. Thanks.

  20. You should read the REST Of that blog. You'll never guess where I came across it: on reddit! Somebody posted a link to that article and titled it "The worst SEO and ADSENSE advice around, FREE!" I saw it was a blog so I checked it out and wow.

    That is advice on how to commit criminal fraud.

    Some of the other posts include "I'm having difficulty getting adsense to work here..." and a lot of complaints about things that don't work but would if she'd take the time to read the forum.

  21. "I have a BLOG. Why are you asking me what kind of a blog? It's a WORDPRESS blog! Yes, it's a WORDPRESS.ORG blog! Or whatever. I don't know! How do I make a floating text box and don't tell me to code im not a coder! Also, how can I sell ads on my blog!"

  22. W00t! I'm *rotflomao* about the reddit posting. Gee I wonder who made it ... lol :D BTW I did read the other posts and you may be interested to hear that although she posted both your comment and drmike's comments she deleted the article in question when she got my comment.

  23. Good. I guess that means she's trainable at least.

  24. I went to her blog long before you and drmike commented. I gave her the links to all the basic beginner resources but she ignored them and came to the forum instead. This morning she was trying to cram the meebo shockwave flash code into a text widget. IMO she is not yet anywhere near becoming "trainable" and will not likely become "trainable", unless we all firmly point her to the FAQs and searchbox and insist that she uses them.

  25. That's the process of training.

  26. This is an update. We can expect blogger intitiated adsense to be introduced in the near future. Here's a quote from The Guardian that's pertinent to the issue of indications of changes in store re: advertising.

    Mullenweg plans to allow users to add Google's AdSense to their blogs. But will this open the floodgates to sploggers? "Part of the WordPress brand is high-quality blogs, and we're not going to do anything to damage that. We have an extraordinary number of really high-quality blogs, and some of them could do quite well with AdSense," says Mullenweg. "We plan to make it a paid upgrade, at least $15 (£7.45) a year per blog, and our policies on splogs or spammy content aren't going to change."

    In light of the Guardian quote above and this as well as this there are 3 reasons to believe a paid adsense widget upgrade is just around the corner.

  27. Yeah, but what are their timelines on that? They've been working on it for at least eight months as far as I know. We had that huge discussion in the forum last year.

    Can't wait for all the "Why am I not rich yet" threads.
    "Please make your inquiry directly to staff, who can be reached at...we volunteers in the forum are not even slightly interested in enabling your pathetic veniality and delusional notions of return on investment."

    I keep telling people it's like a car. Do you know anyone who refused to learn to drive because they couldn't put ads on their car?

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