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adsense here,at wordpress? no, its not routine question

  1. hi,
    I came across this site "articlepay" and signed for article submission.but after registering when i logged in, i found that i was in wordpress and the site was actually a blog ( but it has another front or homepage which i saw when i searched at google) and it has this "my adsense" block where I can put my adsense code.So what should I do? I was thinking of getting the hang of things first and then upgrading to other wp which allow adsense ( as I concluded after reading discussions on the forum at wp).But can I use this "articlepay" blog? Is it ok to do that?

  2. As to upgrading. If you need ads you really need to be with WP org and third party hosting. Trying out com specifically with the intent of transferring is just giving yourself a headache.

  3. hey that's not true. wp is a good place for someone like me who is just starting out,I am learning the ropes here.And by the way you didn't answer my basic question.

  4. Ok. If you say so. :)

  5. where is timethief...........hello I need help

  6. If you use it on a blog, you'll lose your blog. Poof!

    Staff would appreciate it if you'd go to the original blog (thank you for being smart enough not to put the link here!) and report it as spam, IF it is a blog (ie if you can see your blue admin bar at the top).

    It's almost a joy to get an Adsense question that isn't one of the two we get day in and day out! Refreshing!

  7. @sheetalahlawat
    The other bloggers have advised you correctly and now I recommend that you read this

  8. @sheetalahlawat
    The other bloggers have advised you correctly and now I recommend that you read this

    The announcement in the second sentence on the Features page has yet to become a reality. At this point in time blogger initiated adsense is not allowed.

    To support the service we may occasionally show Adsense ads on your blog, however we do this very rarely. In the future you’ll be able to purchase an upgrade to either turn the ads off or show your own Adsense ads and make money from your blog.

  9. @sheetalahlawat
    Also note that the two and have different policies. At blogger initiated adsense is allowed. This is what atthe404 was telling you.

  10. raincoster, I definetely see the blue bar on top. the blog name is as I stated .
    It has same wp dashboard and the page make up is definitely wp how do I (that is if I should) report it? should I post it in forum as in "support"?

    Please use the adsense link I posted. When you read you will find in it that VIP blogs do have adsense and other advertising. They pay $600 per VIP setup and $300 per month to

    The VIP accounts are the only exceptions to the no advertising rule currently in place at Is a VIP account what you are seeking?

  12. You report it by going over to the right-hand side and where it says "Blog Info" there's a drop-down menu. One of the options is "report as spam" and it sends a message to staff. Just tell them what you told us about the post, and include a direct link to the post in question.

  13. thx every body and now this discussion is closed.

  14. You're welcome. :)

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