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adsense in do you want it?

  1. Sorry for my poor english...

    I'm an italian guy and I've been on for 3weeks. It isn't much but I like a lot that service. The only fault is that we cannot insert JavaScript code and ads in our blog. I don't like it and i'm thinking on move my blog to other services.

    I think a lot of persons would join me so I've opened a petition, only to see this request to staff worth

    My blog article about it is

    the petition is at

  2. Even if you petition, Automattic staff won't listen anyway, you either put up with the restrictions and the ads or you go elsewhere, sorry to be blunt.

  3. the staff is thinking on some changes...and i think the staff will hear users
    if nothing happens...i've tried it!

  4. I no doubt believe Automattic will roll out some changes here and there but they don't typically listen to users, especially if it's a complaint about ads or the restrictions.

  5. We listen closely to our users. If we haven't rolled out an obvious feature, it's because there are technical or administrative barriers that need to be dealt with first.

  6. thanks for your answer :)

  7. not sure why fox1991 gets to promote his blog posts in this ideas forum - maybe there has been a change but usually bloggers are told to only promote in the off topic forum in this thread
    also not sure if he knows about and has seen all the adsense ads is already running on his blog either

  8. dang that last link up there for adsense on blogs was wrong
    should be this one

  9. Listen also implies act afterwards. Since pretty much everyone is offering that service, I don't see how your blocked by such a mysterious technical barrier. I'm leaving wordpress just because of the missing ads service. It's a shame, because there is a great community and the product is perfect....

  10. windrago: there are both technical and administrative problems that need to be resolved first. We'll act when we can.

  11. Blogger is run by Google so is geared up for adsense. Typepad is a paid service so can allow its users much more freedom in terms of posting code. Working out how to place adsense units relating to two different accounts (yours, and Automattic's own) on a page without violating Google's ToS or making the pages look so sploggy that nobody will want to blog here is not a trivial problem.

  12. I'm wondering if the blogggers campaigning to double the amount of advertising seen by readers can point us to the answer to this question please:

    Where is it written in Google's ToS that independent sets of adsense ads (one set for and one set for an individual blogger) are allowed to run on the same blog/site at the same time?

  13. I have only just joined here - haven't even written my first entry yet! I have, however, had a blog on Livejournal for several years.

    An LJ blog can choose to be "sponsored" which is having adsense ads. In return, you get extra icons, and other perks to your blog. YOU never see the ads on your site (unless you are not logged in) and - this is the evil genius part: neither do other sponsored bloggers.

    So if you HATE seeing ads - you sign up for them! Then they disappear.

    Evil, evil genius.


    ......for the record, my intention is to export to when I'm ready to monetize, but I love that is an arena in which I can learn about the WP platform and get a groove going before I add a layer of complexity like ads.

  14. I have 6 blogs for myself and a few I admin for clients. I now use WP exclusively and split them between ones I host ( and the ones hosted here ( They are really two different animals. One is a community with a powerful proven blogging engine, that includes tags and category searches and its FREE. The other is the twin sister of the community driven blogging engine but I have 100% control of the code and promotion and seeding and advertising (such as Adsense) and reciprical links etc. I sometimes test here and when I am ready -- move it to a self hosted WP solution. Sometimes I just keep it here, because it is simple and direct and I do not need anything more. Installation of the WordPress engine is a breeze. Some hosts (like Godaddy) include a one button install for you.

    If you like the community stay here and play within the framework. If you need something more, move it to a self-hosted solution. Take a deep breath, either way WP has you covered.

  15. An LJ blog can choose to be "sponsored" which is having adsense ads. In return, you get extra icons, and other perks to your blog. YOU never see the ads on your site (unless you are not logged in) and - this is the evil genius part: neither do other sponsored bloggers.

    This is more or less what already happens here. You don't get "sponsored" but all members who are signed in won't see your ads.

  16. I would like adsense and other ads for my blog.

  17. ... In the future you’ll be able to purchase an upgrade to either turn the ads off or show your own ads and make money from your blog.

    Eek! So there would be forced ads unless we pay!

  18. dolugen, in case you haven't had a chance to notice it yet, there are already forced ads on for something like a year and half.

    they are just not yours.

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