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Adsense (NEW idea, I hope...)

  1. I think there are quite some pepole wanting AdSense, including me (I think AdSense is a LOT better than other ads).

    Yes, I did read the FAQ on this. Yes, I know about Javascript issues. Yes, I did search.

    This said, I think the primary reason against AdSense is JavaScript, the secondary the fear of Spam Blogs. For the second, I would suggest something like a waiting time (you get AdSense only if you have an active blog longer than n weeks)

    For the first and hardest problem, I think the "AdSense"-Widget MIGHT help. There is a lot of plugins that allow AdSense without direct JavaScript entering. (You give the plugin the params, it generates the JavaScript, so you probably cannot put anything malicious in there.) As the admins stated AdSense MIGHT be possible later, I wanted to ask about such widgets, hoping they would be a safe way to provide the crowd with what it wants.

    The Widget I primarily thought about is:

    There are others that can be found by searching the net for something like "wordpress adsense widget" or "wordpress adsense plugin".

    I did not check any of these yet, because I do not have a local WordPress installation with widgets.

    If this has already been suggested, sorry, I tried to search. If it would be dangerous - dont install it. My blog is mor important to me than ads on it ;-)

    PS: Did not submit this via feedback because I want to hear user feedback first before hasseling the admins with it.

  2. <humour>But we like hasseling the admins around here! :)</humour>

    Thank you for searching first. I think it's been suggested once a while back but I don't feel like digging today as I'm just getting in. (Six hour heart and brain EKG this morning. Lots of fun.)

    Putting on my "I'm not part of the WP team, I'm just here to help out" hat....

    The issue with that is there is currently no code in place to turn off and on widgets (or even specifc widgets) for individual users. Also, like the themes, they all come out of one subdirectory and are shared among the users across the servers.

    The adsense widget you suggest is something along the lines of an idea I suggested a few days ago where all we could do was input a small amount of data (ie Adsense number and hex colors) which would go through the normal security checks and encoding. I would imagine that the RSS widgets go through something simular.

    And I would suggest sending in a feedback on it. :)

  3. Ok, submitted as feedback. I think a way to prevent new users from using the plugin would be a bot checking the database every n hours for users not fullfilling certain conditions and using the Widget and removing the widget from the sidebar if found (and maybe sending the user an mail).

  4. Ah adsense, A perfect tool for the warez posters blog x_x
    Even though I believe Adsense wouldnt cover my bail when the Fibbies get me for posting warez, I really believe AdSense might help some of us to get some extra coffee money, from which - ofcourse, we can donate to the WP Project : )

  5. I think that's about what I've made on my during the last month or two with my Adsense. Glad I don't have to rely on it.

  6. I rather have BlogAds than AdSense if it's ever allowed. The sites I visit usually have them. It's mostly other blogs advertising on your site.

  7. Anyone know of any text ads which don't require javascript, or is this a ridiculous notion I should put out of my head immediately?

  8. Now there's a bright lead to follow.

  9. Ads are currently not allowed on blogs, if we get complaints about them it can be grounds for suspension of the account. This may change once there are paid upgrades, but for now blogs with blatant and obnoxious ads are treated as spam.

    We are very interested in allowing people to earn money from their blogs though, it may be through Adsense. Whatever we do would be available through widgets. Still working on it!

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