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AdSense Notes

  1. My AdSense notes, I am learning about adsense and if I can make any money from it without damaging my existing business.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. New post on adsense notes. Some maths about adsense income. Now making £3 per day. Not much i know, but it is a start.

    My next goal is to reach £5 per day in two weeks.

  3. Recent update. No money from AdSense . Time to call it a day and save myself the time and energy trying to flog a dead horse. For AdSense to work I would need to get shed loads of visits to make any money worth looking at. As the websites I have are in niche markets that are too small to generate high volume or value traffic I need to spend my energies elsewhere.

    I am sure there is good money to be made from Google AdSense but not from websites. For me to get an income from Google AdSense I need information websites and not ones that sell products. Having AdSense on my websites may devalue their worth.

    Maybe sometime in the future I shall come back to the subject of making money from AdSense but not now.

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