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Adsense on blogs

  1. Ok, so I didn't realize until today that WordPress periodically (and very poorly) integrated adsense ads into my blog. I have two huge issues with this:

    1. I really don't want it. I could try to get money through Amazon's link tracking service, or whatever, but I don't. I blog on my own time and I want it 100% ad free. This is non-negotiable, even if I have to pay WordPress to keep their hands off my blog.
    2. As long as WordPress keeps doing this and in which case until I find a new host for my blog, it should be done much, much better. Right now I'm looking at one of my blog entries that I googled, and it is showing ads in such a manner that the entire right-hand side navigation bar is pushed down below the post. This is completely unacceptable. Not only are they inserting ads that I don't want, they're breaking the user experience from my blog.

    Color me a very unhappy camper. What can be done to correct this asap (if not the first one, then the second)?


  2. Kirk: have you happened to make a screenshot to post a link here, how many ads per a webpage did you see on that one post?

    it looks as though you (and quite a few others) have come across the long outstanding bug because

    ...if there's more than one [ad] on a page when they are that's a bug, so send in a support ticket.

    also we were told that the new system should be very tasteful.

  3. To add to the helpful links that tester21 provided, I'll just add the suggestion that if you don't want ads on your blog, you should move to a different service.

    Off the top of my head:


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