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Adsense on my Blog?

  1. Suddenly from todays some google ads are showing on my website and i have not added them and that too they are showing on a particluar dis that happened, is it a bug..

    under what is Quality?

  2. I can't see anything. Were you logged in at the time?

  3. i think..just look under What is quality?

    if i am logged in, does it show google adsense ads

  4. Nope, I definitely can't see anything. Is it still there for you? Have you tried refreshing?

    Maybe take a screenshot?

  5. WordPress sometimes tests ads and are sometimes placed in the background without people knowing.

  6. You won't see them if you're signed in, or if you're a regular visitor to a blog, but WordPress is apparently testing out showing the ads to people who read the blogs infrequently. I had thought the test was over, though.

  7. I encountered this when I searched my blog via google, adsense appeared. It's OK if you put it yourself the thing is it was imposed. WordPress might have an explanation or is this a bug?

  8. I am sorry to say they are still there irrespective if i am looged in or not....They are not in all section...they are just in the "What is Quality" post under the heading...

  9. Ref: jimbopilipino

    You are right it started once i searched my blog through google..

    In blogspot u can put adsense..

  10. i just checked now they dont appear for me.. do you guys are getting the ads

  11. I just searched for my blog on google (while I was signed out) and sure enough ads appeared under the title of a post :(

  12. Folks

    There was something in the blog a few months ago that said that were testing "contextual advertising" in some blogs.

    Unfortunately I can't find the blog entry right now but it's nothing to worry about (I don't think).

    If it's concerning you I would send in feedback and ask about it for a definitive answer.


  13. Here's Matt's explanation of an Ads test from a July blog entry:

  14. Adsense see in some popular posts.automatically add by wordpress.I think..

  15. Here's a link to a blog covered in adsense crappola that is spamming my blog. Note that it is not a wordpress blog I'm wondering if this the kind of thing you are seeing on wordpress blogs? I sure hope the answer is "no".
    Like boles I also attempted to leave the url to Matt's official wordpress blog statement "on advertising" but mysteriously it disappeared twice. As this url is being removed from comments here I presume an announcement regarding advertising will be made very shortly.

  16. The url is above - twice.

  17. Hi Mark,
    The url I'm referring to is not the one that's posted above by yourself. The url is from the official blog/2006/09/06/on-ads/ and is by Matt. It's entitled on On Ads and commences with this...

    In our previous post, What’s your favorite feature?, a few of you listed “no ads” as one of yourfavorite features of This made me uncomfortable—it’s not accurate, and I want to clarify.

    Since the ad test about 6 weeks ago there have been ads. Where? We very occasionally show Adsense (contextual text ads) on post and tag pages.

    Why? To allow us to focus on free features in addition to paid and to offset costs of rapidly rising traffic.

    url included again

    Edit: and stripped out again ... weird ah ha! the < marks > worked. Yay!

  18. This is a test post

    edit: tt - how are you posting that link? Maybe the forum is broken somehow.

  19. I posted the url in the ordinary way by just typing it in three times - no joy! So I tried posting it between back tics ` - no joy. Then I posted it between < > marks and VOILA! there it was, although of course it's not active and can't be used [she shrugs].

  20. Mark
    Immediately under your name I have posted the url I posted above between <> marks but this time I did not use <> marks so let's see what happens after I click "send post".

    P.S. Please accept my apologies for my coming and going and editing over and over - I'm answering phones, bookkeeping and attending to customers while posting here - multi-tasking. :)

    Edit: Weirder still this time it worked. So if you made no adjustments in between then ...?

  21. so its like in testing phase...good lot of earning fro wordpress from adsense...does any one know the criteria on which they place ad or its random blogs

  22. Alas, it's not fixed. They're experimenting. I'm a communal anarchist and they put ads on my blog, so obviously they don't worry too much about the blogger's preferences.

    I do like wordpress, though, and I know the staff and have faith in them and hope that they will eventually reach a point where they will offer either paid ad-free hosting (hello people, I've been good for more than 2k hits every day this week) or ad-supported blogs.

  23. @rain

    I guess that means you have a tidy ad-revenue "credit" built up with wordpress, right? ;)

  24. Just for reference, when you don't use the 'http://' and 'www' bit, the forum doesn't see it as a link. When you use either or, it does see it as one.


    -dr(I'm here too too much to have noticed that)mike

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