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AdSense on WordPress

  1. Hello!
    I wanted to ask when will WordPress allow its users to add AdSense on to their pages. Its quite sometime when WordPress wrote that it would include it soon..

  2. Best bet would be to send in a feedback and ask them. I don't recall any time that staff has stated that they will include it "soon" by the way. They do include it for VIP blogs by the way. Here's the post that you may be thinking of. I do not note the use of the word "soon" in there.

    *chuckle* It's probably going to happen at the same time you pay me for that steak dinner you know owe me. :)

    Anyone else sick of this question?

  3. I will say nothing different to what is in this forum and on the newsblog.

    drmike - yes, indeed I am :)

  4. hmm.. i think i will shift to another blog host! i need adsense for my blog!

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