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    I have been reading about Google Adsense. For starters, is Google Adsense allowed on our WordPress blogs?

    I also read about themes that are optomized for Wordsense. Does WordPress have any pre-made Themes that are optimized for Adsense?

    I know there are plenty of custom-made themes, that are not official, which are Adsense optimized. I’m guessing we cannot download our custom themes.

    Which Official Themes are best for working with Adsense?

    The blog I need help with is


    I read an article here about Optimized WordPress themes:

    If we cannot download Custom themes then how do we optimize our Blog to work better with Adsense?


    Problem solved! Apparently Adsense is not allowed on WordPress:

    This is understandable from a quality check-and-control standpoint.


    After buying from wordpress a .com domain name, am i allowed to become an affiliate for say Amazon or Cafe press and advertise on my blog? you know. that i paid for.



    What you paid for is what you got ie. a domain name and domain mapping and nothing more that what was offered. If you did not like what was offered and/or failed to read this section I link to below, then that’s too bad and so sad, but it doesn’t prevent you from redirecting the name servers to any new site you choose to create.

    Domain Mapping – Important Notes Before Upgrading
    Advertising: While a blog must have a mapped domain in order to qualify for WordAds, the Domain Mapping Upgrade does not otherwise permit advertising on your blog.
    Same Terms of Service: The Domain Mapping Upgrade does not permit the use of any kind of prohibited code or upload additional themes or plugins. With the upgrade, your blog will still be hosted here at, which means that you will not have FTP access to your files and you will still be required to abide by our Terms of Service.
    New URLs: If you add domain mapping to an existing blog with posts, their URL’s will change. We’ll redirect any visitors looking for the old URL’s over to the new ones, so none of your visitors will get lost out there on the internet, but other services won’t always understand that the old links and the new links point to the “same” place. For example, Tweet counter widgets work based on particular URL’s, so old posts’ counts will be reset to 0. Once you make the change, future posts will not be affected.

    Domain Management – If you’ve registered your domain through and now want it to point to a blog or website hosted elsewhere then you can do this by updating the nameservers. Follow the Update Nameservers instructions




    I read an article here about Optimized WordPress themes:

    If we cannot download Custom themes then how do we optimize our Blog to work better with Adsense?

    Had you bothered to read your own link you would have seen also that advertising by you was not allowed by WordPress.COM



    There are multiple threads posted by this same blogger. I think it’s probably a case of not reading or perhaps a lack of a clear comprehension of what’s being read.



    Morning TT – I saw all the other duplicate change only one word or so threads – I have my own thoughts on the OP and such – but last time I expressed some of them I was banned for some time – so “maybe did not read” or something like that – we both have no ads upgrade on our sites – I have done the math – ads on my site would not make money – you have enough traffic that they might do a bit of income – most of the people that want ads don’t seem to have much traffic and the simple fact of life – it takes a ton of traffic to make any money that gets you more than a slice of pizza (note: slice not a whole pizza).

    I have looked at what I can buy ads on other sites for and if the share was 50% still no real income –

    Oh well – sunshine down here and the Oatmeal Cowpie cookies done in sheet form turned out well and taste good –

    take care

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