Adsense sometimes go missing

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    I have adsenses on both sidebars but for some reason it does not show when you go to next page. My website is If you look, the main page, movies, games, and movies all have adsenses, but the page porn and streaming does not show. Also if you go to next page from my main page or movies page, sometimes there will be adsenses and sometimes it won’t show. I just started the website and used a theme that had adsense in it already, so they are not mine. Does anyone know whats going on? thanks for the help in advance.


    We provide support only for bloggers who have blogs hosted by If you have a host contact them. If you are self hosting software downloaded from here is where to go



    I had a blog at Blogger with adsense and it went missing when we used too many ads. There’s a limit to how many ads and different types of ads. But as thistimethisspace said, if you host your blog yourself you should ask at the forum.



    I just looked at the porn page and at the bottom right sidebar there is one Google ad.


    The blog is not a blog.

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