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  1. I like the the way it is now. The fact that developed from an open source software and the spirit that no ads is allowed here make stand out among other blogging service provider. I absolutely agree that no ads is allowed in, there should be now and there should be in the future. I HATE reading a blog with so many ads in it so I don't want people to see any ads in my blog too.

    I'm proud to become a wordpress user. :)

  2. hmmm...weird. You can't put adsense on your blogs? Bummer! I can. =)

    [removed, please don't spam the forums - vanillalounge]

  3. Don't spam our forums with junk like that. Mods, please remove

  4. chapelhillbilly

    Wow, this thread reached legendary status. So much so that it generated quite a few hits on my blog so thank you. My issue is this, when someone asks a simple question, you don't have to reply like a self righteous, uptight snot. Ms. Paige did just that and I called her out, big friggin' deal. If you're gonna be a snot, don't bitch when getting called out. It's that simple.

    And to the rest of you pompous, pretentious interweb experts, maybe if you actually spent a little time out in public, you wouldn't be so socially retarded.

    Ya'll have a great day!

  5. Wow I dropped in on this post and am shocked at the kind of responses I'm seeing from the wordpress experts/people. I always thought of wordpress as a friendly community where the pros where patient and wanted to help the less informed. Guess not. As for the original question nd reply that the answer is already listed / located in the forums... if lots of people continue to ask this question it should be a pretty clear sign to to wordpress that the intuitive nature of the forums might need improvement.

    Later J

  6. You're absolutely right. At the moment that thing up top, "Check out our Frequently Asked Questions then Search the Forums", calls for the intuitive powers of a psychic. We should add more detailed instructions in red; 48pt bold capitals of course. Better still, add a whole front page in red for the "less informed". Like, say, "English for Dummies".

  7. Adsense questions are annoying. Especially since it's the very first tag on the very front page of forum questions. Not to mention that it is sticky-noted at the top.

  8. I think it's clear to anyone who looks around the forums that nobody here lowers the bar until they get hit out of the blue with the kind of things chapelhillbilly came up with. Those were obnoxious remarks, fully out of line and the idea that any member of the public is obligated to tolerate and/or indulge them is frankly insane.

    If you like him so much, you can help him, sweetie.

  9. The language doesn't fit the topic!Don,really stepped out of line....And so did raincoaster...

  10. Exactly!I'm being spammed like I'm the only one that,has a browser???

  11. What are you talking about?

    Like I said, if someone lowers the bar they can't complain about the bar being lowered upon them, even below the belt. They've already indicated that they are perfectly fine with offensiveness. If you don't want people to be rude to you, just don't be rude to them and they mostly won't be.

  12. Why can't I find the adsense widget under Design---> Widgets? Did I do something wrong and I'm being penalized? It's because I'm gay, isn't it? :P

  13. Could be that about 99% of bloggers are only in it for the moneymaking possibilities. The impossibility of this at is liable to send every wannabee internet entrepreneur into psychological meltdown. Then again, with so much activity (internet and otherwise) based around the best way of making a fast buck, who's to blame for all the lunatics wanting to run a blog full of ads where they can rake in revenue whilst sitting on their asses watching re-runs of Frasier.

  14. Oops...missed my question mark...?

  15. chapelhillbilly

    Thanks for all the traffic to my blog ya'll!


  17. @wesleysoccer
    What's going on is that mebers are not reading what's in the FAQs and accepting the facts and moving on with their lives

    If you want a free hosted blog that you can monetize then go to Blogger.

  18. @wesleysoccer
    What's going is is that members are not accepting what is in the FAQs. The policy has been set. They are refusing to accept it and are harassing volunteers on this forum rather than accepting reality and getting on with their lives.
    The bottom line is that if you want a free hosted monetized blog then that's not happening here at Go to Blogger and get one there.

  19. Well i really didn't read the faq and ignorantly assumed that it would be available.

    I am now going to have to move my blog to blogger i think as i had actually thought of making a little money if i could.

    Really don't understand the policy of no ads.

    Not sure what kind of statement it really makes, could easily be construed.

    Its a shame because i really love the wordpress format and was enjoying learning about it.

    However the credit crunch bites

  20. Further to that if people don't want ads in their blog just select not to have them, i allow wordpress to put ads and make money on my blog why can't i try to make money from my own efforts?

  21. @autojaponica, you can, just not here. Perhaps in the future.

  22. I came here looking for the same thing; adsense,
    and I found this thread here, and IT IS FUNNY!

    So, BLOGGER.
    much easier to run with adsense.

    and, next time, just give the link.
    Just cuz you have been around forever, doesn't mean this place isn't New to some of us.

    GEEZE, oh weeze!
    or, whatever.


  23. Chapelhilbilly & Sheilamorley ... (OTHER SWEET FOLKS HERE) I feel for all of us that may be new to this site and don't know. I didn't know and only found the most rude folks here on this blog site. Since it came highly recommended by many; this is shocking.

    Shocking to see how many rude folks there are that just cant answer the question ....NO Tash it's not allowed here.

    Ok thanks.... I now say to the nice one that I finally found.

    Sheesh God bless you all.


  24. chapelhillbilly

    More hits! Thanks Vivian!

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